What is SineTamer?

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Sinetamer is a suppression and power filter device that utilizes particular Frequency Attenuation circuitry protection that is frequency actuated rather than voltage actuated like all the competitors. It blends outstanding high-energy “impulse” suppression with excellent wave transient protection. Its durability is more than enough to withstand mild to critical load applications.

The SineTamer is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to install inside electrical panels and individual equipment disconnects and providing maximum performance with minimal maintenance.

This unit is surprisingly affordable considering its long-lasting and depth of value-added when it comes to removing levels of the higher harmful electrical frequencies. 

The SineTamer’s special frequency circuitry protection absorbs the excess transient energy from the power. It eliminates it throughout the internal circuitry, leaving no residual energy to be injected back onto the power.

Reasons Why You Should Buy SineTamer

Safety from Harmful Electricity

The problem about “dirty power” sources is overwhelmingly increasing as technological advancements overshadow almost everything we do in our household, making us more dependent on the electricity we are constantly using daily. 

This is why we strongly suggest that people prioritize looking for safer alternative solutions like what SineTamer is trying to provide. The frustration with “dirty power” or “unfiltered electricity” is that we cannot possibly see the problem unless it’s too late; that is why it’s best to search for prevention to avoid future concerns. 

Durability and Life Span

If you’re looking for a solution, it’s best to find something that would last for a more extended period. Electricity will be helpful for most of us for a very long time, that is why a temporary alternative solution won’t do the trick. SineTamer is built to withstand critical load and is durable enough to last for years. 

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is also a thing to consider so you won’t have to stumble upon future concerns after you just bought a supposed solution for your problems. You won’t have to worry about this when it comes to SineTamer as it requires minimal maintenance and should be perfectly working without any issues whatsoever.

 Compact and Easy Installation

Due to its lightweight and compact structure, the installation process of the SineTame unit should be a breeze. It is small enough to reinstall with such ease, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Affordable Price

Considering it is a crucial solution for the “dirty electricity” problem, which may cause multiple health and other issues, SineTamer is surprisingly being offered at such an affordable price. Investing in long-term household solutions is essential to avoid any further matters in the future, but SineTamer allows you to invest in the long-term without breaking the bank.¬†

Where to Buy SineTamer

If you’re considering searching for the best solution possible for your electrical problems, PowerEMT has got you all covered! SineTamer is now available online to purchase at PowerEMT, offering the lowest possible cost with the highest possible value-added for you!

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