What are Negative Air Machines?

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Negative Air Machines are primarily designed to remove air particles that could be harmful to your health when exposed and inhaled. It serves as a series of filters aiming to remove small toxic material floating through an area, usually a construction or renovation site. The industry standard for changing the air is six times an hour.

How Negative Air Machines Work?

Negative air machines operate by releasing the air they absorb outside, leaving the area to have constant negative air pressure. It also limits the spread of toxic airborne materials to other parts of the building.

The simple idea of the Negative Air Machine is it captures contaminated air, putting it through a series of filtration systems, which allows it to release clean, non-contaminated air instead.

It is used to maintain and create negative air pressure throughout the contained area while preventing parts of the work area from being exposed to contaminated airborne particles.

When to Use Negative Air Machines?

If you’re researching Negative Air Machines, it is helpful to understand what certain activities require using them and how it could be beneficial in these circumstances.

  • Hospitals – Air sanitation is vital when it comes to hospitals. This keeps viral disease and airborne viruses from freely floating through the air as it could potentially infect other patients and healthcare workers.
  • Construction Sites – Negative Air Machines are also helpful for a site as construction workers are often exposed to dust materials and floating debris particles.
  • Biohazard Removal Areas – air filtration machines are handy for removing, cleaning, and disinfecting blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful properties in affected areas after a death, accident, or infectious disease outbreak.
  • Paint Fume Air Cleaning Sites – chemicals present in paint fumes can cause both short- and long-term health effects. That is why having an effective air filtration system like Negative Air Machines is an excellent idea to prevent being exposed and acquiring health complications from unfiltered air exposure.

Featured Benefits of Using Negative Air Machines

Now that you understand when to use Negative Air Machines, let’s discuss the specific advantages of owning and using these machines.

  • Abatement & Remediation – this usually occurs when it comes to construction sites and building renovations.
  • Residential Air Purification – negative air machines don’t just apply to commercial buildings; they could also be used for residential air purification. If you happen to have serious air contamination problems inside or near your home, owning a Negative Air Machine won’t be such a bad choice.
  • Construction Healthcare – toxic airborne particles are dangerously harmful to a person’s health. Investing in an excellent negative air machine will save you and your workers from contaminated air exposure.
  • Disaster Rehabilitation – negative air machines could also be handy if things that aren’t controllable or can’t anticipate happens, like natural disasters, etc. Heavy-Duty Air Filtration from these machines is undoubtedly helpful, especially in disastrous circumstances.
  • Dust Removal – One of the primary features of having a Negative Air Machine is to remove toxic airborne particles from the air and release clean filtered air instead. 
  • Environment Protection – Often, the best solution is prevention. Having a Negative Air Machine allows you to prevent your environment from harmful contaminated airborne particles that could potentially harm you and the people around you.

Where to Buy Negative Air Machines?

Buying the right machine requires keen research so you’ll be able to ensure the effectiveness of the equipment and maximize your money’s worth. 

One easy way to know this for sure is by choosing a reputable source and manufacturing brand. This will give you confidence that you will receive a product that has gone through multiple high-quality standards and is actively trusted by many throughout the years.

We highly recommend you check out our various High-Quality Negative Air Machines . We offer multiple models to provide a lot of products to choose from depending on your suitable preferences. 

Featured Negative Air Machines

Featured Negative Air Machines

If you’re having trouble trying to decide which Negative Air Machine is the right one for you, let us make your lives easier by featuring recommended models you might like.

  • NorAir 800 – If you’re looking for a versatile air machine, this one’s for you. NorAir 800 sets a new performance standard across all scrubber and negative air applications. One device, multiple solutions.
  • Abatement Technologies PAS1200 – features outstanding portability and versatility of PAS1200, making it our favorite model for residential and light commercial purposes. It is an exceptional choice for contractors managing all types and sizes of jobs.
  • Novatek Novair F2102 – Novatek’s negative air machine offers users versatility in handling a wide range of jobs. It is ideal for mold remediation or cleaning and restoration tasks. A powerful two-horsepower motor produces a consistent flow rate and employs all of the filter media areas.
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