Olloclip Iphone 7 Photo Lenses

Olloclip iPhone 7 Photo Lenses

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About five years ago, precisely in May of 2011, Patrick O’Neil opened a crowdfunding campaign for “olloclip 3-in-in photo lens” on Kickstarter. His vision was not only to sell a new product but to create a new category. People started to love this concept, and the sale of this product started to reach the sky.

Around one million of units were sold and it helped people taking better photos with their iPhone 4. Despite the fact that iPhone 4 had a good camera, there were still some improvements which were done by this lens. It helped people take better photos at a very decent price.

Recently Apple released the iPhone 7 and the Olloclip os back again with their new lenses for it. There are three lenses set for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: The core Lens Set, Active Lens Set, and Macro Lens Set. These lenses can be attached to the Ollo Phone case to take better photos. These lenses allow any amateur photographer to start taking beautiful pictures. You might be wondering that these are expensive, but they are not. The compatible case is available at $30, and the lens price starts from only $80. Currently, they are available in the Olloclip website.

Core LENS SET iPhone 7 - 7 plus

Macro Pro Lens Set iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

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