Making Preparations for a Flawless Thanksgiving Celebration – Ten Tips to Consider

how to prepare for thanksgiving

It is that time of the year again when everyone is usually in festive mood thinking about self, family, and fellow Americans: Thanksgiving. It is also that time of the year when things can get really hectic as so much has to be done for the day to proceed flawlessly.

However, with the right preparation, Thanksgiving will turn out to be flawless and as joyous as it should be.

This article will let you in on ten simple tips on how to prepare for Thanksgiving. Follow these guidelines and you will have everything ready for the big day and even have time to join the celebration.

Preparations Two Weeks before Thanksgiving

1. Prepare Your Guest List

Thanksgiving would not be so joyous without the companionship of family and friends. Your guests will be the most important thing in the schedule, and the list should be the starting point of every preparation.

With the guest list in hand, you can make accurate preparations such as how much to cook and how much space to spare. Additionally, knowing who will be there beforehand will give you ample time to prepare the meals perfectly so that everyone’s preference is on the menu as people have personal and health reservations to certain dishes.

2. Prepare the Menu

Food and drinks will take center stage in the celebrations. Hence, you should take your time preparing the menu to ensure that everything is delicious. Remember, it is not a Thanksgiving ceremony if there is no turkey and pie in addition to fruits, salad, and veggies among other delicacies. Shop for non-perishable foods such as flour and rice early and buy vegetables, fruits, and other perishables on the day before Thanksgiving.

Shop for non-perishable foods such as flour and rice early and buy veggies, fruits, and other perishables on the day before Thanksgiving.

While preparing for the menu, you can also delegate some of the cooking work to relatives and friends beforehand so that everyone will be prepared on the big day.

3. Order the Beverages

When many people hear beverages they automatically picture wine and beer. Alcohol is highly appreciated for merrymaking on a special day, and it definitely should be on the menu for those who do not have reservations about drinking.

The drinks should be bought and stored in advance to avoid the hustle of the day before; after all, they are non-perishable if you can keep your hands off them.

The drinks should be bought and stored in advance to avoid the hustle of the day before; after all, they are non-perishable if you can keep your hands off them.

However, you should also include non-alcoholic beverages for children and non-alcoholics. Fresh fruit juice would be highly appreciated on a giving day.

Preparations One Day before Thanksgiving

4. Do the Baking

Pie, pancakes, and other baked foods are not easily perishable and will be as good as fresh the next day. As such, it is wise to do the baking on the day before Thanksgiving as it will save you time on the busy day.

5. Set the Table

Setting the table entails more than just arranging the tables and chairs. It is a process that may take some time to perfect issues such as sitting arrangements and, as such, it should be done carefully.

To save time, you should set the table the day before and condone off the area from kids. That way all you will have to do the next day is cook and serve the dishes.

Of course, you will also need to add a touch of décor to reflect the festive mood. A splash of bright and cheery colors will serve the occasion just right.

6. Buy the Perishables

As mentioned earlier, perishables such as veggies and fruits should be bought on the day before Thanksgiving to ensure that they are fresh and delicious when eating.

If you prefer a fresh turkey, then this is the time to place your order as the market will be at its peak and you may not be guaranteed to find one in time on the big day.

If you have a frozen turkey, on the other hand, then you should take it out of the freezer and let it defrost so that it will be ripe for cooking the following morning.

On Thanksgiving Day

This is the big day and will prove to be the busiest but not hectic since all the preparations are in place. This is what you should focus on:

7. Stuff and Cook the Turkey

Prepare the stuffing for the turkey by washing, peeling, and chopping the fruits and veggies. Stuff the turkey and set it in the oven to cook while you attend to other measures. The turkey will take some time to cook, so you can concentrate on preparing the salads and cooking veggies and other dishes.

8. Warm and Cook Other Dishes

Just before the turkey is ready to cook, warm the baked foods such as the pie to just about room temperature. This is also the best time to prepare the gravy and other dishes that should be served while warm or hot.

9. Serve Your Guests

The table is already set and now all that is left is serving your guests. Put every dish where it ought to be on the buffest and make sure that everyone has a plate in hand. Also, make sure that you and your colleagues are there to offer any assistance before the people set down to enjoy their meal and drinks.

10. Join the Celebration

The fact that you were tasked with the responsibility of preparing the Thanksgiving celebration does not mean that you should be on your toes to the very end. You also deserve to take some time off and join the celebration, and you should do it immediately everyone else settles down for their meal.

Besides, this is what preparing for Thanksgiving was all about; affording to have some time to relax and enjoy with friends and family since nothing is out of place.


Thanksgiving is an exceptional day in the U.S., and it should be celebrated without flaw. You, the person behind all the preparations and cooking, will be the most important aspect of the whole day, and preparations are necessary. Failure to prepare ahead of time will lead to small inconveniences that will ruin the festive mood for all your guests and make what should be a joyous day a hectic one.

Take these tips into consideration when preparing for Thanksgiving and do not forget to take some time off the join the fun.

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