Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Vegan Condoms

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While condoms are the safest, most important form of contraceptive to prevent pregnancies and reduce STIs, not all brands are made sustainably. So, see why using a vegan condom can be fun, safe, and beneficial to sex life. 

1) Do it for the animals 

While male condoms are typically made using latex, some brands prefer to manufacture theirs the traditional way… from the intestinal membrane of a lamb. Dating back as early as the Roman Empire, there are records of men using lambskin condoms to protect against pregnancy and infections, however, this type of contraception is outdated and unnecessary. In fact, you can have a more natural feel with vegan condoms, as they’re made from a thinner, more consistent texture, offering further intimate stimulation, and a cruelty-free experience. 

2) There are no additives in vegan condoms 

Not all condoms are created equal, which is why vegan condoms are the best choice for those who have skin sensitivities and environmental concerns. While vegan condoms are made of natural rubber latex — a plant-based substance which is created from the milky fluid that’s harvested from rubber trees — regular condoms contain additives like parabens, glycerin, and benzocaine, all of which possess the power to cause irritations and dryness. So, if you have problems with vaginal lubrication or you simply don’t enjoy using products that are undertested in terms of safety, it’s also best to use a vegan condom rather than ones that contain these unknown, synthetic chemicals. 

3) Vegan condoms are more stretchy 

Natural, vegan condoms are three times stronger and thinner than the traditional latex condom and they also come in a variety of stretchy sizes that can appeal to any diameter or girth. So, if you’re looking for the best experience in the bedroom, the more stretch, the better!

4) Vegan condoms are odorless 

Both lambskin and traditional latex condoms possess a strong smell that doesn’t quite fit every person’s intimate desires. So, if distinct odors are something that you’re very sensitive to, then vegan condoms might be a good substitute for the problem. Also, since vegan condoms are odorless, it’s beneficial for the partner to perform oral sex. Added flavors can change the dynamics of the experience and leave a bad taste in their mouth, which is why vegan condoms are a great way to enjoy oral sex and stay safe! 

5) Vegan condoms are more eco-friendly

Aside from the fact that vegan condoms aren’t made from the byproducts of live animals, they’re still making waves to better contribute to eco-friendly sex. Synthetic materials such as latex are single-use items and take years to decompose. However, products that are derived from plants are entirely biodegradable and aside from keeping you safe and protected, there are one of the most responsible, environmentally-friendly methods of contraception. How about that? You can be an eco-warrior, enjoy a greener brand of condoms, and still have a super awesome sex life! 

Have you ever tried using a vegan condom? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below. 

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