10 Best Websites to Buy Sex Toys

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Sure, there are many sexcessories you can find online with just a little bit of search and click. But here’s the thing, it’s not like you’re browsing for a tissue paper that you’ll end up getting the same thing from every source; we’re talking about pleasure toys that you’ll use to arouse yourself or your partner, so this is quite a big deal!

Buying sex toys is like buying a shoe. You wouldn’t want to get some knock-off sex toys that you probably won’t use anyway. Another thing you should consider is, are the products you bought off from general stores are safe for your body? You can buy fake clothes all you want, but please don’t settle for counterfeit toys you saw from Amazon.

If you’re in the vibe and feeling thirsty for some sex toys, settle down. We want you to have the most intimate experience possible on your sex toy explorations, so we’ve compiled the Top 10 Websites to Buy Sex Toys!

Adult Emporium

Whether you’re into BDSM, roleplay, or just about any fetish you have, Adult Emporium is the powerhouse sex toy hub for everyone! The perks of their membership give you the premium experience of faster checkout with saved billing and shipping info and stay updated on the newest pleasure toys you should try! Explore a variety of body-safe sex toys for his or her without limiting your sexual fantasies. Adult Emporium is an established store that takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all your pleasure needs while maintaining its state-of-the-art products and premium quality sex toys.


Unbound goes beyond just being an online sex toy store. They focused on creating products with body-safe material for a sweet blend of wellness and pleasure. They do an excellent job in creating an in-depth product description through lovely icons so the toys you end up buying would cater to your pleasure preferences. One of Unbound’s most highly recommended products is the infamous Bender Flexible Vibrator. Products like these separate Unbound from other sex toys stores and what makes them worthy of being on this list.

Adam & Eve

Aside from its witty and controversial name, Adam & Eve seems to be doing all the right things when it comes to a Sex Toys Store. There is a reason why they are one of the leading sex toy companies all over the country and has built a reliable reputation. They are definitely behind some of the most pleasurable sexual moments for many couples or even singles out there! So if you’re looking for some nice dildo, clit vibrators, or fleshlights that are tried and tested, you should visit Adam & Eve and try them for yourself!


Who says all vibrators should look all the same? Emojibator has definitely found their edge on this one. Masturbation should be exciting pleasurable, and most importantly, it should be fun! Explore your sexualities with these creative body-safe “emoji-shaped” sex toys for extreme pleasure and sexual wellness! What’s more to like about them? They have curated sexual toys that are perfect for beginners, so you know you’re in good hands when shopping for your favorite toys at Emojibator!


Talk about game-changer, dame products’ little gem’s has brought your journey to orgasm to a whole new level. They create discrete, minimalistic, and highly comfortable sexual pleasure products ideal for peak intimacy and most satisfying orgasms. It’s safe to say that Dame is a wonderland for all the ladies out there who want to explore and get in touch with themselves. The site reviews are all so pleasing, sharing their lovely experience and intense orgasms while using Dame Products.


So you’re into luxurious items that would make you feel like a goddess while you’re pleasuring yourself? Zalo specialized in providing the most luxurious sex toys online and decided to take the sexual experience to a new level. This is the only store where you’ll find gold-plating and crystal touches on your dildo and vibrators. They believe that the key to the best orgasms is stimulating all your senses. That is why they create aesthetically pleasing products for the most satisfying experience.  

Spectrum Boutique

Taking pride in being all about Sex-Positivity, Spectrum Boutique seems to have found its way onto the LGBTQ Community. They sure have everything you’ll ever need and wherever your sexual fantasies get you. They believe in exploring sexuality and encouraging their loyal troops to use their sex toys however they want and let their imaginations run wild through their bodies. Shop their wide selection of high-quality pleasure treats and explore them with yourself!

Wild Flower

Mindfully Designed, Body-Safe Material, Made for all bodies, and the highest ethical standards are a few of the many things that Wild Flower is doing to separate itself and create its footprint in the sex toy industry. Their commitment to spreading sexual education and breaking stereotypes makes their community tighter, and not to mention their fantastic pleasure sex toys will bring out the wildflower in you.

Good Vibrations

Aren’t we all just looking for good vibes, right? Good Vibrations thinks so too. They take pride in providing high-quality sex toy products for sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment. But they are not stopping with that. They also advocate spreading healthy information and sexual education by using their platform. Founded in 1977 by a sex educator named Joani Blank, Good Vibrations has continued its movement and gives pleasure to men and women through its high-quality sex products.


When it comes to lavish toys, Goop knows their stuff. Suppose you haven’t tried luxury sex toys; in that case, Goop is the best place to explore them as you could conveniently browse their wide selection of high-end pleasure treats. Whether you’re looking to stimulate your G-Spot with a Vibrator or pleasure your clit with an air-pulsing clitoral sex toy, they have it all! Explore these kinky treats at Goop and try them for yourself!

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