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Best Snowboard Boots

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It’s the time of the year again. Everything is turning white. Ski resorts are preparing for the upcoming ski and snowboarding season. Snowboarding is a refreshing experience that is passed down generation by generation. Just like most sports, you need snowboarding gear, especially the boot and the board. If you don’t have a proper snowboarding boot that suits you, you won’t have much fun out there sliding through the slopes. Also, having the best snowboard boot will also impact your safety. We want the best value for our money, so I will share the best snowboarding boot on the market.


Best Snowboard Boots 2023

ImageModelFlexLacing SystemColorEditorial PricingPrice
K2 Maysis 2020Medium FlexBoa Conda™ linerBlack4.8Rei button
Burton SLX MenMedium-StiffSpeed zoneBlack/Red4.7
ThirtyTwo STW BOASoft Boa lacingGre, Brown, Black, Orange4.5Buy Button
5th Element ST-1SoftTraditional LaceBlack4.5Buy Button
DC Men’s Mutiny LaceMediumTraditional LaceBlack, Brown, Camo4.8Buy Button
DC Lynx BootsStiffTraditional lacingBlack & Military green4.7Buy Button

Best Snowboarding boot Review 2024

Burton SLX Snowboard Boot

Burton SLX Snowboard Boots Men’s

Burton’s SLX is one of the best snowboarding boots for professionals. Burton SLX comes with a stiff, aggressive, responsive flex for quick edge engagement. Burton itself claims this to be their best snowboard boot ever made. This futuristic snowboard boot comes with high-quality raw materials and amazing features. At first, let’s talk about the Speed Zone lacing system of the SLX snowboard boot. Burton Exclusive New England Rope powers it with high durability. The Speed Zone Lacing lets you customize the upper and lower zone within seconds.A total comfort construction of this boot ensures the rider can enjoy sliding through the slopes. Burton used snowproof internal gusset, heel wedge inserts, Aegis antimicrobial coating, and amazing cushioning in the boot. The snowproof internal gusset construction is used to seal the boot’s lower zone to keep your feet warm in the cold.The EcoStep Plus rubber has 50% recycled material and is combined with the ReBounce Cushioning, making this boot highly comfortable. Burton’s ReBounce brings the cushioning closer to your foot for better shock absorption while reflecting the body heat to keep the foot warm in the cold weather. Vibram XWing Outsole technology is used in this boot to offer superior grip while reducing your environmental footprint, thanks to the Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology.DryRide Heat Cycle Lining technology uses the interwoven thermally activated carbon thread to reflect the body heat. The easy-slide articulating cuff allows the boot’s upper and lower zone to flex independently and simultaneously to create fluid forward motion while maximizing the heel hold and response.

Best Snowboarding boot for men, but expensive.

  • Stiff flex
  • Speed zone lacing system
  • Ultraweave shell material
  • Easy slide Articulating cuff
  • Total comfort construction
  • Dryhide Heat Cycle
  • Snow-proof internal gusset
  • Aegis Antimicrobial Coating
  • Level 3 footbed for lightweight and long-lasting shock absorption
  • Vibram XWing outsole with EcoStep Plus Rubber
  • Shrinkage footprint reduction technology
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K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boot 2018

K2 Maysis Snowboarding Boot

K2 Maysis is a lightweight snowboarding boot designed for men. It is available in two different colors: Black, and Grey. K2Snowboarding put a lot of effort while making this incredible snowboarding boot. With equal parts style, performance, and durability: K2 Maysis is a strong contender of becoming the best snowboarding boot of 2018. Maysis comes with a rugged Vibram outsole while combining ultra-grip with the durability of K2’s understanding of what the rider needs. If you are already aware of the Vibram Pro, you know that this is one of the best outsoles now. It is lightweight and built to last to get you to the top very fast.

Boa Coiler lacing system is used in the K2 Maysis boot. This is a cable and reel based lacing system which creates an even tension with easy lacing operation. This amazing system has low friction guides, so it creates even tightening, and the coiler version will automatically react lace slack to keep things clean. The Boa Conda is a patented K2 liner lacing system which ensures the urethane part attaches to your ankle while creating a great heel hold comfort.

K2 Snowboarding used Endo 2.0 construction to make this boot. Endo 2.0 is a technically advanced boot construction system where an injected heel counter construction adds extra strength while increasing the durability of the boot. Also, the Endo 2.0 construction ensures a more precise and smooth flex. Additionally, an ultra-durable TPU construction ensures the ride feels comfortable, and response for all types of riding. This snowboard has a stiff flex rating. Also, 3D formed EVA footbed is used in the boot.

Overall, the best snowboarding boot.

  • Flex rating 4
  • Endo 2.0 Construction for more strength and durability
  • Ultra-durable TPU construction
  • Excellent comfort with durability
  • Intuition Control Foam 3D: a blend of high and medium density intuition foam
  • 3D Formed EVA Footbed
  • Boa Conda: Patented K2 liner lacing system
  • Boa Coiler: Cable & Reel based lacing system
  • Vibram Pro-Lite Outsole for ultra grip and high durability
  • Available in two different colors: Grey and Black
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Burton Nutrition Highline Boa Snowboard Boot 2016

Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, Burden Snowboards have gained popularity among the snowboarders. They specialize in making boots, outerwear, and snowboards. Burton Boa Snowboard boot is one of the best snowboard boots out there in the market. It’s super comfortable but performs amazingly. With a soft flex, this is a great snowboarding boot for both beginners and advanced riders. Burton Highline Boa uses boa coiler closure system. This is a highly dependable lacing system which can be adjusted very easily and quickly almost anywhere. New England Rope’s laces are used to make this lacing system.

Highline Boa used Dynolite outsole for better traction on the slopes. With superior cushioning and excellent board feel, you will feel the consistent support, thanks to the lightweight design. Burton used their exclusive cushioning compounds to tackle the impacts and freezing temperature for better shock absorption. Burton also used snow-proof internal gusset and level 1 molded EVA footbed. You will also find Imprint 1 Liner with integrated lacing, which is comfortable and lightweight.

Burton’s Thin Profile 3D molded tongues is available in this boot. The medium flex tongue offers great rebound with high durability. What’s more, Highline Boa also comes with a shrinkage footprint reduction technology to reduce one full size of the overall footprint of the boot.

  • Boa Coiler Closure system
  • Medium Flex Tongue
  • Snow-proof internal gusset keeps your feet warm and dry
  • Shrinkage footprint reduction technology
  • DynoLite Outsole
  • Excellent cushioning for a better feel
  • Can withstand impacts
  • Imprint 1 Liner with Integrated Lacing
  • Total comfort construction
  • Level 1 Molded EVA Footbed
  • Sleeping bag reflective foil
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ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot

ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot

ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot is a great option for beginners. This cheap snowboard boot is available in several colors and has different sizes. As you know that snowboard boots have different flex ratings, this one has a flex rating of soft. I know boot flex is a somewhat personal preference, but soft flex snowboard boots are better for beginners. It comes with a 3D molded tongue to offer easier lacing and has a flex throughout. The footbed used is level 1 footbed. The EVA with the Sherpa top sheet provides amazing warmth with a high degree of comfort.This lightweight boot also has Level 1 linter for exceptional performance. The 100% heat moldable Intuition liners can be used for a custom fit. The integrated lacing system even improves the heel hold 1:1 lasting fit for all sizes. Thirty-two, the manufacturer of this boot, used STI Evolution Foama, a nice cushioning which performs better than traditional cushioning. It also reduces the weight of your boot by eliminating the need for a chunky rubber outsole. Overall, the boot looks very stylish while offering some amazing features. What’s more, the price is very reasonable.

  • Soft flex
  • 3D molded tongue: easier lacing for improved fit and flex
  • Level 1 liner: Comfort Liner
  • Single density intuition foam: improved comfort and warmth
  • Comfort harness
  • Internal anatomical foam
  • Independent eyestay conforms to your foot like a glove
  • STI evolution foama: excellent cushioning
  • 100% heat moldable Intuition liners
  • EVA sherpa top sheet for greater warmth and comfort
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5th Element ST-1 Snowboard Boots

5th Element ST-1 Snowboard Boots

5th Element ST-1 is an all-mountain freestyle compatible snowboard boot. It is crafted for a rider who goes almost anywhere for snowboarding. It has a soft flex meaning it is a perfect fit for beginners or park riders. This performance boot has been designed for beginners, intermediate or advanced skill level riders. The rider-friendly flex is quite forgiving and less rigid than most stiff boots. ST-1 uses synthetic shell upper which offers excellent support to your feet, and it comes with a very comfortable and removable EVA liner.

ST-1 has been designed to make life easier for the snowboarders, and all of its features prove so. However, traditional laces are used in this boot. So, you have the opportunity to fine tune your fit for optimal riding all day long in the mountain or park. They may not be the best snowboard boot for riding dangerous slopes, but they are fantastic for riding groomed slopes.

Best snowboard boot for beginners

  • Designed for both beginners and professionals
  • Soft flex: Great for groomed slopes and parks
  • Traditional laces: you have to do the fine tuning to find the perfect custom fit
  • Synthetic shell upper
  • Removable and comfortable EVA Liner
  • Low price
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DC Men Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

DC Men Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

Highly lauded for the quality of construction and design of their snowboard boots, DC comfortably holds prominence in the snowboarding community as one of the finest manufacturers around today. DC Men Mutiny is available in six different colors with great features. The mutiny goes far beyond to offer the freestyle performance in a traditional lace boot. The lace closure snowboard boot provides a considerable amount of comfort with incredible performance. DC men Mutiny boot has a medium flex with a grippy, cushy, and ultra-durable outsole. The Contact Unilite Outsole is built from skate shoe DNA, offering skate-style board feels with a lightweight design. Also, it even comes with weight reducing Unilite construction with the extra rubber for high durability. A Foil Strobel board is used as a heat foil to reflect the heat back to the foot. Additionally, it can also back off the cold to the snow. DC Men mutiny also offers other features including the impact S insole, push zone, white liner, wrap lock hardware, and more.

Best cheap snowboard boot

  • Medium flex
  • Heat foil: A foil board to reflect heat back to the foot while keeping the cold away
  • Traditional lacing
  • White liner
  • Multi-layer construction of EVA memory foam and high rebound heat moldable EVA
  • Anatomical J-Bars
  • 180-degree power strap deliver support with response
  • Impact S Insole
  • Direct power lacing
  • Wrap lock hardware
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DC Lynx Snowboard Boots

DC Lynx Snowboard Boots

I don’t think I have to reintroduce DC’s reputation in the snowboarding community. DC Lynx is a premium snowboard boot with a traditional lace system. DC skate classic is the influence behind the creation of this nice snowboard boot. DC Lynx features a lightweight contact outsole which offers great support with a superior board-feel and sate-shoe comfort to the riders. Black Liner, an Aerotech Ventilation technology is used in this boot, which regulates moisture and temp in multi-layer constriction of the liner. DC Lynx has a flex rating of 8/10, meaning stiff. The boot is available in two colors: military green and black.

EVA memory foam and high rebound heat moldable EVA will offer an amazing custom fit to the rider. Also, lateral support beams with a 360-degree power strap are included in the boot for all season support. Also, the anatomical latex J bars will amuse you with the superior heel hold. I personally think this is a great boot if you are looking for a stiff boot with nice ankle support. I can tell that this is a high quality and comfortable boot which will withstand the harsh environment for a long time. A lot of snowboarders suggested that it is wise to order one size larger if you don’t like a snug fit. Considering all the features, I can tell that this boot deserves to be in the best snowboarding boots list.

  • Traditional lacing
  • Contact Unilite
  • Impact-S Insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Black Liner
  • Internal ankle harness
  • Flex rating 8/10 (Stiff)
  • Aerotech ventilation system
  • Articulated construction
  • Available in two colors: Black and military green
  • Available in two colors: Black and military green
  • Wrap lock hardware
  • If you don’t like snug fit, order one size larger
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How to choose the Best Snowboarding Boot

Finding the best snowboard boot is very important. Most snowboarders will tell you that the snowboard boot is the most critical part of your snowboard gear. If you get a bad pair of snowboard boots, it will ruin your day, and on the contrary, it will make your day. When choosing a snowboard boot, you must consider many things, including comfort, sizing, material, breathability, warmth, price, flex, lacing system, fit, footbeds, and more. In this article, I tried to share the best snowboard boots on the market, but by knowing the factors, you can land the perfect boot for your next snowboarding session.

Boot Flex

If you have already looked through the products mentioned above, you may wonder about the boot flex. All the boots available on the market have a flex rating, ranging from soft to stiff. Usually, boot flex is a personal preference, but they help measure the boot’s characteristics. Normally, the park and beginner riders will choose a softer flex. Soft flex snowboard boots will have a comfortable and resilient material that goes easy on your feet for a long day on the mountain. On the other hand, the advanced users are more favorable towards choosing a stiff flex snowboard boot. Stiff flexing snowboard boots. A stiff flexing snowboard will provide amazing support for the edge power and control at high speeds in harsh and tough situations. So, a stiffer flexing boot would suit you best if you are an all-mountain rider or a free rider. However, if you need something in the middle, a medium flex boot will be the perfect choice for you. They have a balance between the mobility and support of comfort and all-mountain performance. Most of the manufacturers of snowboard boots have their own style of rating the flexibility level of the boot. When choosing a snowboarding boot, make sure you read and understand the flex rating of the manufacturer. If you are a newbie, I suggest selecting a snowboard boot with a soft flex rating. Sometimes, the flex rating and the feel may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Snowboard Boot Lacing

Three types of lacings are used on most snowboard boots: traditional, BOA, and speed lacing. All these three types of snowboard boot lacing have their own pros and cons. Let’s start with the traditional laces first:

Traditional Laces

The name of this type of lacing gives you what idea about what to expect. They are the kinds of places you will probably find in most tennis shoes. You have seen and used them all the time in your life unless you are a Velcro fan. Traditional laces have high tightness and can be customized by hand. As they are cheap, they can be found and replaced easily. However, traditional laces have their problems too. It’s difficult to tie these types of laces while wearing gloves or if the hand is cold. If not tightened properly, they may start loosening.

Boa Laces

Boa system laces are getting quite popular among the snowboard community. Several small-diameter cables attached to the dials are used to adjust the snugness of the fit. For example, if the Boa system uses two dials, one of them will be on the top of the boot tongue, while another one will be near the angle. Boa system lacing is very fast and convenient. They offer precise feet and require only one hand to do that. You can also modify it very quickly. However, if the boot has a one-dial system, the tightness will spread to the whole boot. As a result, the upper and lower foot region cannot be independently customized. If you are having a bad day, and if the strand brakes, it could possibly end that day’s riding. What’s more, the boa system can increase the price of the boot.

Quick-Pull laces

Quick-pull laces are the laces you need if you want something fast and convenient. It’s a single pull and corset-like lacing system that can be tightened while wearing gloves. After pulling the laces, you can tuck them away nicely. The mechanism allows the rider to fine-tune the tightness of the forefoot lacing from the ankle and lower leg. Snowboard boots using this lacing system can give you a customizable fit. However, you may need extra strength to tighten them properly. Another bad thing is that if the laces wear out or break, it may end that day’s riding.


The liner is the inner boot of the snowboard boot. Usually, it is made of a lightweight moldable material named Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA liner is very important as it offers cushioning, stability, and insulation to the snowboarder’s feet. Most snowboard boots have removable liners to let the user remove them from the boot. It allows the liner to air out and dry quicker than the nonremovable liners. Liners can be divided into three categories:

1. Non-mold 1. Non-moldable / stock: Stock liners are flexible and offer good padding and stability.
2. Moldable Liners: These types of liners are certainly expensive and have better materials. Over time, by using the body heat, they can be molded to your foot shape.
3. Thermoformable: This premium liner provides a true custom fit, thanks to the heat molding process. You can do it at home or take help from other snowboard boot manufacturers.

Riding Style

Riding style totally changes the way you find the best snowboarding boot. What’s your favorite riding style? All-mountain? Freeride? Or Freestyle? Depending on the skill level and the choice, every rider has their own choice. And hence it changes the way we choose snowboarding boots. Usually, these types of snowboard boots are expensive and come with a stiff flex rating. On the other hand, the park riders and recreational snowboarders will choose a flexible boot for easy maneuvering.

  • All-mountain: As the name suggests, any places where you can ride. It can be groomers, park-and-pipe, or untracked powder. If you have been riding for a long time and love riding almost everywhere, you fit the all-mountain style. If this is the case, you will need a stiff flex boot. On the contrary, if you are just a newbie or learning to ride a snowboard, you should get a boot with soft flex.
  • Freeride: If you see a couple of freeride snowboarding videos on Youtube, you will know that we are talking about the big mountain snowboarding sessions. As the rider gains high speed and needs better precision, they are better off with stiff boots. Stiff boots will help the rider create edge power.
  • Freestyle: Since freestyle riding is focused on fun-focused terrains like a half pipe, rails, spins, and tricks, it requires great maneuverability, quick responses, and a high feel. This is why you will need highly flexible boots.

For an easy understanding of what boot flex is better for the type of riding, follow this small chart.

All-mountain (common riders)Soft/Medium
All-mountain (racers)Stiff

Snowboard boot fit

First, you need to have a good fit with the boot you are about to use for snowboarding. Most of the snowboard boot sizing will match the standard footwear sizing. As different manufacturers’ boots may be different configurations and materials, it is wise to check them in a physical store. The rule of thumb is if you have a wide foot, you buy a wider boot and vice versa. For a good maneuver, a good boot should have a snug fit. However, if it’s too narrow, you will have comfort issues. Just be sure that the toes can have a little room in the boot.

Snowboard Socks

This may sound funny, but choosing the right sock can increase the quality of your snowboarding session. You will find many snowboard-specific socks made of synthetic materials or merino wool which will keep your feet warm while wicking away the moisture. Unlike cotton, wool sock acts like an excellent insulator. Try to wear a thick sock, or if you feel cold, you can wear two. However, thick socks may cause instability.


As mentioned above, snowboard boots are crucial to the snowboarding setup. Many newbies often try to buy a boot at a low price, but that may hurt in the long run. If you have the budget, I would suggest you grab the best snowboard boot. However, if you are trying to save some money, try to buy a moderate boot with the necessary features. I strongly urge you not to buy cheap boots which don’t have the features and durability.

Soft Vs. Stiff Boots

When it comes to snowboarding, the type of boots you choose can significantly affect your performance and comfort on the slopes. The debate between soft and stiff snowboard boots often boils down to personal preference, riding style, and skill level. Here’s how they differ:

Soft Boots

Soft snowboard boots are more flexible and forgiving, making them an excellent choice for beginners or those who prefer freestyle riding and tricks. They allow for greater ankle movement, giving you the ability to tweak your board more easily during jumps and grabs. The softer material provides more comfort but may lack the precise control that more advanced riders seek. Soft boots are also generally lighter and less cumbersome, which can be advantageous for riders who prioritize mobility.

Stiff Boots

Stiff snowboard boots are designed for riders who are looking for maximum control and responsiveness. These boots are ideal for carving and making quick turns, as they transfer the movements of your body more directly to the board. The stiffer material offers better support and can be particularly beneficial when riding at higher speeds or on more challenging terrains like steep slopes and backcountry areas. However, the rigidity can make them less comfortable for extended wear and might take some time to break in.


  1. Skill Level: Beginners might find soft boots easier to manage, while advanced riders might prefer the control offered by stiff boots.
  2. Riding Style: Freestyle and park riders often opt for softer boots for better trick execution. Those into freeriding or alpine riding usually go for stiffer boots for better control.
  3. Comfort: Soft boots are typically more comfortable for extended wear, while stiff boots offer more support, which some riders find comfortable in a different way.
  4. Terrain: Softer boots are generally better for groomed runs and park riding, while stiffer boots excel in off-piste and challenging conditions.

Choosing between soft and stiff snowboard boots ultimately depends on what you’re looking to get out of your riding experience. Both types have their pros and cons, and the right choice for you will align with your riding style, skill level, and personal preferences.

Final Verdict

I hope this long article on the best snowboard boots will help you find the perfect pair of boots. There are lots of amazing manufacturers out there, and they are trying their best to outperform their competitors. I would recommend you read the factors to choose the best snowboard boots; that way, you will know what to look for when buying. However, if you are in a hurry, just ensure that the flex rating of the boot you choose goes with the riding style.

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