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Best Ski Helmets

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Every year a lot of people suffers injuries from an accident while skiing. Despite the fact that most of these people are experienced skiers, things like these happen very often in a while. Due to the uneven surfaces or lack of awareness, or maybe for cockiness, a lot of people including seasoned skiers, don’t invest or wear a ski helmet. People tend to forget that they have a fragile body and head, which can be cracked on such occurrences. It’s always wise to take precautions before and grab a helmet for skiing.

We are reviewing some of the top best ski helmets to help you stay safe while skiing. A ski helmet doesn’t guarantee hundred percent security, but it is to add extra protection to reduce the number of injuries you might face. There are chances that a few bruises might happen on some accidents. In a nutshell, ski helmets should be used to minimize the risk.

A ski helmet will protect your head from hidden rocks, side trees or from the branches of those trees. No matter whether the alpine hill is frightening or not, it is always a better option to choose the best ski helmet.


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10+ Best Ski Helmets & Best Snowboard Helmets 2024

ImageModelEditor’s RatingTypePrice
Drift Wildhorn4.8UnisexBuy Button
Smith Vantage4.8Unisex
Giro Seam4.9MenBuy Button
Smith Variance4.7Men
Smith Aspect4.8Men
Lucky Bums4.6Men
ZIONOR Lagopus H14.7Unisex
Giro Women’s Lure4.7Womenhttps://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Bums-Snowboard-Helmet-Metallic/dp/B00AAG2VQA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=gearhall-20&linkId=6a164ce65cf96fdab39a07a17bfb11e9
Giro Launch Kid4.7Kidhttps://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Bums-Snowboard-Helmet-Metallic/dp/B00AAG2VQA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=gearhall-20&linkId=6a164ce65cf96fdab39a07a17bfb11e9
Lucky Bums Doodlebug4.4KidBuy Button

Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Drift Ski and Snowboard Helmet

If you are a big fan of the US ski team, you will be more than happy to know that WildHorn Outfitters has been providing this Drift ski helmet to the US ski team. They are the proud supplier of the US ski team and Ashley Caldwell. Most skiers complain about how bulky and heavy some of the ski helmets are. This has caught the attention of the WildHorn Outfitters, and they meticulously designed this drift helmet to offer the best ergonomic fit and protection on the market to let you go down that alpine you have been waiting for. The lightweight premium construction of the ski helmet makes sure that it weighs under 18 ounces, making it 25% lighter than average ski helmets. This makes it one of the best lightweight ski helmets ever produced.

Drift helmet comes with advanced manufacturing techniques with composite foam technology. Besides the low weight, it offers great performance on the slopes. If you are concerned about the safety, it meets ASTM F2040 standards. As sweating is a big issue if you are wearing a ski helmet for a long time, Drift ski helmet features an advanced technology named VNT. This is a patented technology which has an adjustable temperature control ventilation system. A combination of both direct and indirect airflow with fully adaptable vents are used to control the temperature of the ski helmet. The operation is easy; slide the vents open when its warm, and slide on when it gets chilly.

Drift ski helmet is equipped with more features including the ultra plush interior liner which offers excellent comfort with extra insulation. Just like a good ski helmet, the ear pads are also audio compatible. Finally and most importantly Drift features the FTA, aka Fine tune adjustment system which provides micro adjustments for the perfect fit.

One of the safest ski helmets on the market

  • Official equipment supplier of the US ski team
  • Meticulously designed
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent ergonomic fit
  • Excellent fit
  • Composite foam technology
  • Meets ASTM 2040 standards
  • VNT technology: adjustable temperature control ventilation system
  • Both indirect and direct airflow
  • Easy to control vents
  • Ultra plush interior liner
  • Ears pads are audio compatible
  • Fine tune adjustment system
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Smith Vantage Unisex Adult Snow Helmet

Smith Vantage Unisex Adult Snow Helmet

Choosing vantage over other ski helmets was very easy for me. The highly enriched features, performance with brilliant protection made it the best ski helmet on the market. Love to share your ski helmet with your other half or siblings? This unisex ski helmet makes sure all the members of the family get to ski with protection. Smith Vantage has a hybrid SL shell construction. This ski helmet features an awerocore construction featuring Koroyd. This ski helmet features a total of 21 vents. You can grab this helmet in several colors and sizes too.

The adjustable Boa FS360 fit system makes sure the helmet stays where it is supposed to be. Thus, you don’t feel uncomfortable while cruising through the blue lines. This ski helmet comes at a slightly heavy price, but the features and safety are excellent. Smith ski helmets are very popular on the market, and you can rely the craftsmanship of their products.

  • Adjustable helmet fit system
  • Available in several colors
  • 21 vents
  • Certification ASTM 2040/CE EN 1077 Class B
  • Weighs 440 grams/ 15.5 Ounce
  • Pull-on closure
  • Low-profile dual regulator climate control
  • Hybrid SL Shell Construction
  • AirEvac 2 Ventilation
  • Unisex design
  • Removable Ultra-light Goggle lock provided
  • Aerocore construction featuring Koroyd
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Giro Seam Snow Helmet

Giro Seam Snow Helmet – Men’s

By one of the most highly respected helmet makers in the world, Giro Seam, this is arguably one of the best ski helmets available on the market. This men’s ski helmet comes in 4 different form sizes with different types of features. It uses in-mold construction, which is hybrid construction. Gero Seam is a carefully designed ski helmet with a very reasonable price.

The in-mold construction fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with its impact-absorbing form liner. As a result, it comes out as a better ventilation system and makes to lighter and more refreshing than regular ski helmets.
This Ski helmet comes with 12 super cool vents with thermostat control plus stack vent to keep your head cool. These vents can disperse the excess heat,

so you get to use it on different situation and conditions. Also, these super cool vents can pull cool and fresh air into the helmet.
What’s more, the padding used is anti-bacterial. Giro Seam helmet is very lightweight and comfortable. This gero helmet comes with vertical tuning, an integrated fit system, to eliminate the gaper gap while creating a seamless lockup with the google from Giro. The only downside is that the earpieces can’t be removed.

Overall, this is considered one of the best ski helmets for men.

  • 12 super cool vents
  • Thermostat control plus stack vent
  • Adjustable venting
  • Disperses the heat quickly
  • In-mold construction
  • Highly durable
  • Available in several colors
  • Available in different sizes
  • In Form Fit System: Low profile fit & stability system
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Smith Variance Helmet Mens

Smith Variance Helmet – Men’s

Smith variance helmet is widely used for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. This helmet comes with a hybrid shell construction with 18 vents. These 18 vents are used to provide better breathability and coolness through the head. Unlike most helmets, this one comes with Smith’s premium helmet fit. As a result, the fitting won’t be an issue to the users. The adjustable Smith Boar fit system ensures that. Weighing in at an astonishing 18.5 oz, this skiing helmet is available for different sizes and colors. You can even take benefits of the AirEvac 2 ventilation, Skullcandy audio system (not included) and more.

Exploring the backcountry has never been easy, and that’s why you need the variance helmet from Smith Optics. With its new technologies, Smith variance surely caught attention from ski lovers. The premium helmet fit one extra thing that makes it so desirable for most skiers. It comes with other benefits like the AirEvac2 ventilation, outdoor tech audio systems, snap-fit SL2 earpads and low-profile regulator adjustable climate control. The AirEvac 2 ventilation system will drive away the warm air from the google, thanks to the external vents. Smith X Boa adjustment system is a ¾ haloed fit system to offer a perfect, seamless, and centered fit with a singled handed operation.

  • Hybrid shell construction
  • AirEvac 2 ventilation system
  • Nanosilver performance lining
  • Snapfit SL2 earpads
  • Smith X BOA adjustment system
  • Removable and ultralight Goggle lock
  • Skullcandy audio systems available
  • Low-profile regulator adjustable climate control and 18 vents
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Red snow holt helmet

Smith-Holt Snow Helmet – Men’s & Kids

Smith Holt snow helmet is an affordable ski helmet for men. It is available in five different colors: matte black, matte white, matte charcoal, matte lava, and matter Bermuda. It comes with a great airflow climate control with 14 vents that assure great breathability! You will find bombshell ear pads, a removable goggles lock, and many other features. The bombshell construction will help absorb the force of impacts to keep you safe. The goggle lock can be easily removed if you wear it under the helmet. You can even remove the earpads to reduce the weight or clean them (machine washable). It’s a minimalist ski helmet that can be used around the year for biking too! Also, this ski helmet is compatible with the Skullcandy audio system. Shop the version for kids from here.

Minimalist ski helmet for men & kids

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Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

Skiing and snowboarding are much safer when you get your hands on a good skiing helmet. The lucky Bums new snow sports helmet is a very cheap skiing helmet. Despite the affordable price, Lucky Bums managed to offer great features to this ski helmet. This ski helmet is available in three different sizes with several colors. Made of ABS material, this ski helmet features an external cap. The ABS material provides great solid and durable protection. Other basic features like the internal fabric lining, ear padding is available. The ear padding has been given allergic and antibacterial treatment.

If you don’t feel cozy or just want to wash the ear pads, you can remove them if you want. For a better fit, the micro-adjustable head strap comes very handily. As I am writing this, Lucky Bums are providing a limited lifetime warranty on this product. I would urge you to check the warranty policy on their website. Along with the multiple sizing options, they offer a comfortable, and adjustable fit. On top of that, this ski helmet from lucky bum fully complies with EN1077 standards and is CE certified.

Best cheap ski helmet with great value

  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Two reinforced layers
  • ABS material used for external cap
  • Complies with EN1077
  • CE certified
  • Internal fabric lining
  • Ear padding with hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment
  • Padded chin strap
  • Integrated goggle loop enhance comfort function
  • Micro adjustable strap for better fit
  • Cheap pricing
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Durable
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Hicool Unisex Adult Snow Sports Helmet

Hicool Unisex Adult Snow Sports Helmet

Best Cheap Ski Helmet: Another great unisex ski helmet for the winter season. Hicool Unisex Adult snow sport helmet is made of ABS plastic with EPS inner shell. It even uses velvet foam which delivers a strong impact resistance which offers better safety and excellent protection to the users. If you love to cruise past the alpine’s with a style, then you would totally love the stylish design of this ski helmet. It offers a friendly-vents design which allows you to use the vents regulator on the front of the helmet You can either open or close it depending on the temperature. Note that this device comes with 8 vents.

You can always take off the earmuffs of the lining. They come with a detachable design which is easy to clean after detaching. It is fairly very easy to have a good fit with this ski helmet. You can advantage of the 360-degree adjustable dial on the back to have a good fit. What’s more, this ski helmet is CE certified EN 1078/CPSC/ASTM-2040/CN-EN. Despite all these excellent features, this ski helmet comes at a very cheap price.

  • Unisex design
  • EN 1077 standard
  • Micro adjuster used
  • Inner fleece padding
  • Soft ear pads and soft chin band
  • Six fixed vents: four adjustable vents on the front (with switch)
  • Nice air ventilation
  • Earmuffs are removable and easy to clean
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SUNVP Ski Helmet Upscale

SUNVP Ski Helmet Upscale

Another cheap ski helmet for people who don’t want to break the bank. SUNVP’s Ski helmet upscale comes with ABS plastic shell with EPS inner shell and velvet foam. This ski helmet is available in several color and sizes. So, choosing the perfect one for you is easier than ever. You can use or remove the earmuffs and lining to clean if you want. They are usually there to help you get warmth on cold environments. The ABS housing is resistant to the low-temperature impact. The cotton velvet is soft, warm, and won’t shrink or fade if washed.

The fit system is relatively easy and allows the helmet to stay on the point. You can take advantage of the size adjustment button to adjust the size to fit it to your head. The exquisite regulator makes it easy to adjust the size of the head circumference of the helmet. Additionally, there is a wind switch in the forehead of the helmet, to adjust the size of the air vents. If it’s cold, close it; if it is warm, open it. As I mentioned earlier, this ski helmet comes with a very reasonable price and can be used for several types of winter sports.

  • ABS plastic shell
  • EPS inner shell with velvet foam
  • Removable earmuffs with lining
  • Easy to clean
  • Side adjustment button
  • Adjust eh dead circumference
  • Suitable for multi-sports
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Windshield button device
  • Soft wool inner lining
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Salomon MTN Lab Helmet

Salomon MTN Lab Helmet

Dating back to the late 1940s, Saloman is one of the most prominent companies making different gears and accessories for outdoor purposes. Saloman was founded in France, and later Adidas bought the brand for around $1BN bill. Saloman group has been making tremendous sports gears like this MTN lab helmet. Salomon MTN lab helmet is an excellent choice for skiing. It uses hybrid In-mold as the shell material. The impact foam is EPS 4D and it uses Active ventilation system.

Salomon MTN Lab Helmet comes in three different sizes and colors. So choosing a stylish one is pretty easy for the rider. This lightweight ski helmet is certified to be used for highest skiing and mountaineering standards. Highly lauded for offering this ski helmet at 330 grams only, Solomon MTN lab helmet keeps you very comfortable while cruising down the alpine. What’s more, the custom dial allows you an easy fit, and the helmet doesn’t slip. This ski helmet comes at a very reasonable price.

  • EPS 4D impact foam
  • Custom fit adjustment dial
  • Active ventilation system
  • In-mold construction
  • Thermo control system
  • Airflow concept
  • Lightweight design: Weighs 330 grams only
  • Advancedskin activedry
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K2 Phase Pro Ski Helmet

K2 Phase Pro Ski Helmet

Protecting your head while skiing is very important, and for that, you need a helmet which is primarily designed for skiing. This K2 Phase Pro Helmet is CE certified to protect you when skiing or snowboarding. K2 Phase Pro ski helmet uses the Active Matrix Ventilation system which is beneficial to easily and quickly adjust the airflow. You can change or regulate the airflow of the helmet vent system by the touch of your finger. Thus, you get to keep it never too hot or never too cold.

The coolest part of this helmet is it comes with audio support. You can easily get connected with the phone or music system. The sound is slightly low but does the job. It uses K2 Dialed Fit system which makes it super easy to quickly adjust to fit properly. It uses Full-Wrap Liner with crown mesh which can wick the moisture and breathes to prevent overheating. All of these features come at a very cheap price.

  • ASTM F2040, EN1077 certification
  • Available in different colors
  • Hard-shell construction
  • Active matrix ventilation
  • K2Dialed fit system
  • Baseline audio system
  • Comfortable
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Best SKi helmet for women

Giro Women's Lure Snow Helmet

Giro Women’s Lure Snow Helmet

Best ski helmet for women: Skiing is a winter sport loved by both men and women. If you are women who are looking for a great skiing helmet, then Giro Lure would be a great option for you. This cools snow helmet comes with a very lightweight design. A lot of women skiers loves this feather-light fit skiing helmet. It offers a great fit which increases the overall performance, thanks to the Roc Loc 5 fit system. You can easily custom tune the fit tension of the helmet in seconds with the help of one single hand only.

There are Super Cool vents which flows cool and fresh air through the helmet. You can use the Thermostat ventilation control to adjust the airflow with a simple but effective control button. This control button is placed on the outside of the helmet. Thus, it maintains cool and fresh air. Not to mention it uses in-mold construction which fuses a PC outer shell with impact absorbing foam liner. There are plenty of colors, so choosing the perfect one is very easy for you.

Best ski and snowboarding helmet for women

  • Super cool vents
  • Thermostat ventilation control
  • Stack Vent
  • In-mold construction
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system for adjustability, comfort, and stability
  • Compatible with most TuneUps systems
  • Complies with ASTM F2040/CE EN 1077
  • Available in different colors and sizes
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Best Ski Helmet for Kids

Giro Launch Plus Snow Helmet Kid

Giro Launch Plus Snow Helmet – Kid

Best Ski Helmet for Kid: Do your kids love to ski? If the answer is yes, you need to get the best ski helmet to protect from any unwanted damages from accidents. Kids love to wear colorful stuff, and Giro’s Launch Plus Snow helmet is a perfect match for them. A ski helmet for kid should be lightweight and easy to wear. This kid ski helmet is very easy to wear and it offers great performance with a lightweight design. It comes with In Form Fit system which is available in two youth sizes. You can take benefits of the super soft interior. What’s more, the super cool vents will keep you comfortable all the day long.

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Giro Launch Combo

Giro Launch Combo Kids Snow Helmet + Matching Goggles

How often do you take your kids for skiing? Most of the places, renting a ski helmet for your kid is like ten bucks. This is why it is wise to buy a nice ski helmet for your kid. If you ski a lot, you have probably know the tremendous quality of Giro’s ski helmets, and Giro launch is no exception. Giro launch combo offers stylish ski helmet with matching goggles for the kids. It has a helmet fit system, thanks to the in-form system and vertical tuning. Giro used super cool vents for the ventilation of the helmet.

Giro launch is available in so many colors and designs, that your kid will definitely like one of them. They have many designs that suit both boys and girls. The goggles come with the helmet has double-layer face foam with microfleece facing. Its anti-fog coating will keep your kid’s vision crisp and clear in different conditions. The price of this ski helmet may seem slightly expensive, but you want to have the best ski helmet for your kid. In my opinion, the value it offers makes the price worthy.

  • Helmet fit system
  • SKi helmet and matching goggle
  • Super cool vents for helmet ventilation
  • Different styles and designs
  • Available in different sizes
  • DOuble layer face foam goggles with microfleece facing
  • Anti-fog coating goggles
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Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine Doodlebug Ski Snowboard Sport Helmet

Lucky Bums Toddler/Kids Doodlebug Alpine Ski Helmet

Lucky Bums Doodlebug is a CE certified ski and snowboarding helmet for kids. Just like most awesome ski helmets, the in-mold construction fuses the outer shell of the helmet to the impact-absorbing EPS liner for extra durability. Doodlebug ski helmet also has a padded chin strap with the EPS liner to make it more comfortable, weighing less than 1 pound. Due to the low weight, the Doodlebug ski helmet can be worn all day.

Doodlebug ski helmet is available in five different colors: Matte black, green, bubblegum, blue, and black. This is a perfect ski helmet for beginners and can be used for different types of sports. It can be used for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or skateboarding. You can just dial in the back to have a snug fit or click in the padded chin strap. For the price, I think this is a nice deal for such an amazing multi-sports helmet.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight design
  • Padded chin strap
  • Excellent for beginners/kids
  • Available in different colors
  • Can be used for other snow sports and skateboarding
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How To Choose The Best Ski Helmet 2024

Skiing is exhilarating, therapeutic, and offers an unmatched connection with nature. But like every sport, skiing comes with its own set of risks. One of the best ways to mitigate these risks and ensure your safety on the slopes is by wearing a ski helmet. Choosing the right helmet, however, can be a daunting task given the plethora of options available today. In this article, we’ll delve into five crucial factors you should consider to select the best ski helmet for your needs.

1. Fit and Comfort

The first and perhaps most crucial factor when choosing a ski helmet is its fit. A helmet that’s too tight can cause discomfort, while one that’s too loose may not provide adequate protection during a fall.

  • Measurement: Start by measuring the circumference of your head using a soft tape measure, ideally one inch above your eyebrows, which is where the helmet’s brim will sit.
  • Shape: Helmets come in different shapes to cater to the variety in human head shapes. Generally, there are three primary categories: round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval. It’s essential to try on different models to determine which one conforms best to your head’s shape.
  • Adjustability: Look for helmets with adjustable straps and sizing mechanisms, allowing for a more customized fit.

2. Safety Certifications

Always prioritize safety over style. When it comes to ski helmets, there are specific certifications that you should look for:

  • CE EN1077: This is the European standard for ski and snowboard helmets. Helmets with this certification have undergone rigorous testing for shock absorption and penetration resistance.
  • ASTM F2040: This is the American standard for non-motorized, recreational snow sports.

Ensure that the helmet you choose meets at least one of these standards. Some helmets might even have both, which can be an added bonus.

3. Ventilation

Skiing can be a strenuous activity, and adequate ventilation in a helmet ensures that you remain comfortable and not too sweaty. Consider these factors for ventilation:

  • Fixed vs. Adjustable Vents: Some helmets come with fixed vents, which are always open. Others offer adjustable vents that you can open or close based on the conditions and your comfort level.
  • Number of Vents: While the number of vents can be a matter of personal preference, more vents usually mean better airflow. However, the size and placement of these vents are just as important.

4. Features and Technology

Modern ski helmets come equipped with a host of features that enhance your skiing experience:

  • Audio Compatibility: Some helmets have built-in speakers, while others offer ear pads designed to integrate with audio systems.
  • MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System): This technology allows the helmet to rotate slightly upon impact, reducing rotational forces that can result in brain injuries.
  • Goggle Compatibility: Ensure that the helmet seamlessly integrates with your goggles to prevent fogging and maintain visibility.

5. Materials and Construction

The construction and materials used in the helmet can significantly affect its weight, durability, and, most importantly, its ability to protect you:

  • In-Mold Construction: This involves bonding the shell and liner together without any gap, resulting in a lightweight helmet.
  • Hard Shell: This design uses a durable, hard plastic outer shell combined with a soft foam interior, offering robust protection.
  • Hybrid: A mix of in-mold and hard shell constructions, hybrid helmets aim to provide a balance between weight and protection.

In conclusion, selecting the right ski helmet is a blend of understanding your personal needs and being aware of the technical aspects. Always try multiple models and consult with professionals if necessary. Remember, the best helmet is one that you’ll wear every time you hit the slopes – because your safety is paramount.






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