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20 Best Pocket Knives 2024 – Pocket Knives Review

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In the vast world of knives, the pocket knife stands out as an indispensable tool for both the urban adventurer and the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re scaling wilderness terrains or just tackling those stubborn Amazon packages, a reliable pocket knife has your back. But what truly sets a pocket knife apart? Its innate ability to seamlessly fit right into your pocket, always at the ready. However, with a myriad of options, designs, and functionalities available, how does one sift through the market to find the best pocket knife? From tactical prowess to everyday carry (EDC), the landscape of pocket knives has evolved beyond the one-size-fits-all mold. In this guide, we’ve distilled the sea of choices to bring you the 20 best pocket knives of 2023, ensuring quality, versatility, and durability. Dive in and find the blade that best aligns with your needs.

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black pocket EDC knife

Kershaw Blur Black (11670BLK) EDC Pocketknife

Overall Length: 7.875 Inches
Blade Size: 3.4″
Steel: Sandvik 14C28N
Blade Type: Drop Point

Established by the visionary Pete Kershaw, Kershaw has since ascended to become one of America’s premier knife manufacturers. One of their standout offerings is the Kershaw Blur Black 1670BLK, an exemplary EDC pocketknife boasting a robust 3.4″ stainless steel drop point blade crafted from high-performance Sandvik 14C28N steel. This knife isn’t just about strength. It integrates Kershaw’s signature SpeedSafe assisted opening system, guaranteeing a swift, secure, and ambidextrous one-handed deployment. The strategic placement of the thumb stud accentuates its user-centric design, ensuring effortless accessibility with a mere push of the thumb.

Aesthetically, the Blur Black stands out with its diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, elevating its toughness quotient. This advanced coating not only enhances its hardness but also offers superior corrosion resistance and a reduced friction coefficient, preventing debris adhesion. The handle, forged from anodized aluminum, resists stains and scratches, while the inclusion of Trac-Tec guarantees an unwavering grip. Whether you’re in freshwater, marine environments, mud, or snow, this knife remains a steadfast companion.

Some may consider Kershaw Blur Black as the best pocket knife of all time

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3.4 inches pocket knife

Benchmade 940 Osborne Knife

Overall Length: 7.87 Inches
Blade Size: 3.4″
Steel: CPM-S30V
Blade Type: Straightedge

Benchmade has long held a revered place in the knife-making world, and the 940 Osborne is a testament to that legacy. Crafted from high-grade CPM-S30V stainless steel, its blade measures a sturdy 3.4 inches with a sleek straightedge design. A departure from many contemporary models, the Osborne prides itself on manual opening, exuding a classic charm. The knife’s full extension reaches 7.87 inches, while in its folded state, it sits compactly at 4.47 inches.

Every detail of the Osborne speaks of Benchmade’s commitment to quality. The handle, meticulously fashioned from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, is complemented by stainless-steel liners and a refined titanium backspacer. Enhancing its functionality is a reversible tip-up pocket clip and a reverse tanto blade, easily accessible via an ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener. With a feather-light weight of just 2.9 ounces, the Benchmade 940 Osborne stands out as an ideal camping companion, perfectly marrying form and function.

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Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife by KerShaw

Kershaw Leek Knife – Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife

Overall Length: 7 Inches
Blade Size: 3 inches
Steel: Sandvik 14C28N
Blade Type: Wharncliffe

If you are looking for a USA-made pocket knife, you are in luck! Kershaw Leek is a USA made pocket knife that is a great gift for men who love outdoor. The length of the blade size is 3″, and is uses Sandvik 14C28N steel with DLC coating. The DLC coating ensures edge retention and corrosion resistance. Like many other Kershaw blades, this one also uses speed safe assisted opening. No matter if you are left or right-handed, this ambidextrous flipper is pretty easy to open and use. Kershaw Leek is available in four different colors with custom engraving. Like many other Kershaw knives, this one also comes with a frame lock that keeps the blade locked open while in use or securely closed while transporting.

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Buck 55 Knife

Buck 55: Buck Knives The 55 Folding Pocket Knife

Overall Length: 6 Inches
Blade Size: 2-3/8″
Steel: 420HC
Blade Type: Clip blade

If you are looking for a folding pocket knife for sale, may I present you Buck Knives The 55? Made right here in the USA, Buck Knives The 55 is a sweet little pocket knife that comes with a razor-sharp clip point blade. 420HC steel clip blade has excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The blade size of this knife is 2-3/8″. Open length is 6,” and the closed length is 3-3/8″. The clip blade design makes it great for piercing and slicing. Crescent tip offers great control for detailed work and to cut into tight places. The nail notch atop the blade helps you open it super-easily. Also, the lock-back mechanism ensures that the blade remains open for reliable strength while you work with it. Buck Knives The 55 Folding Pocket Knife is one of the best cheapest pocket knives on the market with such great qualities. It is basically a mini version of the famous 110 folding hunter. Additionally, it fits perfectly on the palm of hand and pocket. You can also buy it from Cabela’s.

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wooden folding pocket knife by SOG

SOG Wood Folding Pocket Knife 

Overall Length: 7.8 Inches
Blade Size: 3.3″
Steel: 7Cr17
Blade Type: Clip Point

MacV-SOG (SOG) is a respected American tool and knife company operating since 1986. If you are looking for a wooden folding pocket knife for sale, you are in luck! SOG’s wood folding pocket knife comes with a 3.3 inches stainless steel clip point blade. When opened, the size of the knife becomes 7.8 inches. This lightweight folding knife uses grain wood with silver bolsters and a deep carry pocket clip to ensure portability. Lightweight but sturdy 7Cr17 stainless steel material is used to make this knife. You will find a thumb stud that allows quick and easy one-hand opening system. It comes with a liner lock that ensures a secure hold. Considering all the features, I can say that this is the best cheap pocket knife on the market.

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a pocket knife from kershaw

Kershaw Outright Pocketknife

Overall Length: 7.10 Inches
Blade Size: 3″
Steel: 8Cr13Mov
Blade Type: Drop Point

I am a huge fan of Kershaw’s knives, and Kershaw Outright pocketknife (8320) is one of them. If you fancy getting a pocket knife with blue color, this the one you need to check. Kershaw Outright pocketknife comes with a 3 inches long blade made of 8Cr13Mov steel that ensures great hardness, excellent edge retention, and slicing power. Like other pocket knives of Kershaw, this one also comes with SpeedSafe assisted opening, and sturdy frame lock to ensure secure lockup. This is a great cheap pocket knife for police officers, first responders, hikers, campers, and more. It is stylish, cheap, comes with great material, and made by a respectable knife manufacturer. 

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Benchmade 585 mini barrage pocket knife

Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage Knife

Overall Length: 6.91 Inches
Blade Size: 2.91″
Steel: 154CM
Blade Type: Drop Point

Just as with some of the other picks on this list, Benchmade 585 mini barrage knife is also a contender to be one of the best pocket knives on the market. The Barrage series is the first to come with Benchmade’s famous Axis Assist. Simply put, the Axis Assist feature ensures quick and one-handed opening with any of your hands. Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage Knife comes with a 2.91 inches long drop-point blade that is made of 154cm stainless steel. You will find a reversible tip-up standard clip in this knife. Valox material is used to make the handle of this knife. If you like little knives, this will surely put a smile on your face. Considering all the features, I could say that this is one of the best small pocket knives on the market.

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CRKT M16-14SFG pocket knife with veff serrate side

CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife

Overall Length: 9.25
Blade Size: 3.875″
Steel: 8Cr14MoV
Blade Type: Drop Point

CRKT’s M16 – 12SFG special forces folding pocket knife is one of the finest pocket knives with a serrated edge blade. If you are looking for a pocket knife with a black serrated edge blade, this is the knife you need to check today! CRKT’s M16 – 12SFG comes with a 3.875″ long blade. 8Cr14MoV blade material with 58-59 RC hardness is used to make the blade. The overall length of the knife is 9.25″, and it weighs 5.9 oz. CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife comes with an iconic handle design. The dual hilt blade guard w/ G10 handle looks stunning. It is also equipped with automated liner safety that sets a pin between the liner and the frame to keep it secured. As you can see in the picture, you will find Veff serrations that will come in handy to cut ropes, cordage, and fibrous materials. CRKT M16-14SFG pocket knife is available in four different colors and different handles.

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Tactical Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

TAC-FORCE TF606WS Engraved Tactical Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Closed Length: 4.5″
Blade Size: 3.25″
Steel: 3CR13
Blade Type: Drop Point

If you are looking for a cheap pocket knife for sale, may I ask you to consider TAC-FOrce TF606WS? This small pocket knife can be personalized with your initials, which makes it an excellent gift for both men and women who loves the outdoor. The initial is engraved into the wood to make it easily readable. It is equipped with a 3.25″ long blade with 3mm thickness. The closed length of this pocket knife is 4.5″. It weighs only 5 oz. As a result, you can tell that the knife is super easy to store in your pocket. 3CR13 stainless steel blade material allows it to have a razor-sharp edge that can handle any jobs you throw it at. It is also equipped with a rope cutter, can opener, and a glass breaker. It comes with an assisted opening mechanism and burl/pocket clip for easy access.

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folding pocket knife by kershaw

Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife

Kershaw’s Cryo is a pocket knife that is designed by Rick Hinderer and precision engineered by Kershaw. A 2.75-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade is used in this knife. 8Cr13MoV stainless steel ensures excellent toughness, edge retention, wear, and corrosion resistance. The all-steel construction is coated with a matte gray titanium carbo-nitride that increases the hardness of the blade and overall performance. This one-handed flipper comes with a fast deployment feature. Kershaw’s famous speed-safe assisted opening enables a smooth and secure one-handed blade deployment. Also, the secure locking system makes this knife safer and more securer.

If you are into hiking, camping, or an electrician who just needs a small pocket knife, you will love Kershaw Cryo assisted opening knife. You can use this knife for various tasks like opening a package, stripping wire, removing splinters, cutting zip-ties, and more. Considering the price, I can tell that this is one of the best pocket knives on the market.

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Gerber STL 2.0 Knife [22-41122]

Gerber STL 2.5 Knife

As they’ve already proven themselves time and time again with their cool designs, Gerber certainly knows how to build sturdy and feature-enriched pocket knives. Gerber’s decade of innovation and research ensures that their products are top-notch quality, and STL 2.0 is one of them. Gerber STL 2.0 (STL stands for strong, thin, and light) knife is a pocket knife for those who want more for their bucks. This ultralight pocket knife packs just enough at a very low price. It comes with a hole in the blade that offers a smooth one-handed opening. 7Cr17MoV stainless steel material makes the blade quite thin. You will find a frame lock safety in this knife.

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Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife Serrated Edge

Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

Overall Length: 5.25″
Blade Size: 2.22″
Steel: High Carbon Stainless
Blade Type: Clip Point (partially serrated)

If you are looking for the cheapest pocket knife for sale, Gerber Paraframe mini knife should do the trick. Gerber Paraframe is a mini lightweight knife that is perfect for everyday carry. Unlike most other knives of the market, this one is super easy to clean and take care of. This is the smallest knife of Paraframe series of Gerber. It comes with 2.22 inches long and partially serrated edge blade. The rugged and reliable design makes it a great knife to be used for military, tactical, and outdoor marine situations. It comes with a frame lock handle design with a sturdy pocket clip to make it easy to carry. High carbon stainless blade material makes highly durable. Also, stainless steel is used to make the handle. Click here for non-serrated fine edge Gerber Pragrame mini knife.

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Benchmade 551 Griptilian Knife

Benchmade Griptilian 551 Knife

Overall Length: 5.25″
Blade Size: 3.45″
Steel: CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC)
Blade Type: Drop-point

If you are looking for a versatile pocket knife, Benchmade Griptilian is a great choice. Benchmade Griptilian 551 is a pocket folding knife that comes with a 3.45 inches long plain blade. With assisted opening features, it is a knife that offers safety. High-quality CPM-S30V stainless steel is used to make the blade of this knife. It is extremely well-balanced and offers rust resistance. The glass-filled nylon handle looks tough and attractive while offering great ruggedness. Its lightweight design and handle grips make it a great knife to hold on to. Benchmade’s AXIS lock is quite strong and fully ambidextrous. Simply push the thumb-stud openers to open the knife. You will also find a lanyard hole in the knife that offers a different mode of transportation feature. However, the lanyard is not included in the package.

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Spyderco Chaparral Folding Knife C152CFP

Spyderco Chaparral Folding Knife C152CFP

Overall Length: 6.4 Inches
Blade Size: 2.8″
Blade Type: Drop Point

If you don’t mind shelling out a little bit more extra money, Spyderco’s Chaparral folding knife is one of the best pocket knives out there for you. Situated in Golden, Colorado, Spyderco is a common name when it comes to knifer manufacturing. This locking pocket folding knife comes with a 2.8 inches long blade. CTSXHP blade steel is used to make this small leaf-shaped pocket knife. The overall length of the knife is 6.4 inches. You will find a tip-up clip that helps to stow the knife deep into the pocket. C152CFP comes with a carbon fiber handle that has a mid-positioned back lock with a screw-together construction. It’s lightweight with a high level of tensile strength that gives it a three-dimensional appearance. You will find the blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. This helps to reduce the drag while cutting and also decreases the overall weight. It comes with a plain edge smooth blade without any serrations. 

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speedsafe black Kershaw Link Pocket Knife

Kershaw Link Pocket Knives

Kershaw is a household name when it comes to knife manufacturing. Kershaw’s link is a pocket knife that comes with Speedsafe assisted opening. Kershaw Link is a sleek and lightweight knife that comes at a reasonable price. It comes with a sharp and reliable 420HC stainless steel blade with stonewashed finish pairs. Higher amounts of carbon and chromium boost provide durability and corrosion resistance in the blade. The blade has been heat-treated for higher edge retention. Its textured handle offers a good grip. The handle is fairly tough and can handle harsh usage.

A torsion bar is used in the knife to move the blade out of the handle. SpeedSafe Assisted opening system enables smooth, secure, and fast blade deployment. Kershaw’s liner locking system is used in this blade that ensures a high level of safety. Just like Gerber’s other popular knives, SpeedSafe offers two easy one-handed blade deployment. You can either push the thumbstud or press the flipper.

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Pocket knife by Gerber

Gerber Pocket Square

Overall Length: 6.75″
Blade Size: 3″
Steel: 7Cr17MoV
Blade Type: ClipPoint

Gerber is an industry leader when it comes to making top-notch pocket knives. Gerber pocket square is an EDC pocket knife that can be used for a lot of different activities. You may have handled a lot of pocket knives in your life, but this one is unique. 7Cr17MoV steel material is used to make the blade of this knife. It is pretty easy to sharpen, and it retains a solid edge for a long time — making it great for EDC use. A minimalist approach has inspired the design of this knife. You will find a thumb lift that offers access to the 3″ fine edge. You can easily adjust in palm and thumb with ambidextrous thumb fit. It comes with a drop point blade from both sides, and also stores the flush with the handle when not in use. Aluminum material is used to make the handle of this knife. A removable and reversible pocket clip allows easy transport. 

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Red Rescue Pocket Knife by Kershaw

Kershaw Barricade 8650 Multi-Function Rescue Pocket Knife

Overall Length: 8.5″
Blade Size: 3.5″
Steel: 8Cr13MoV
Lock Type: Liner Lock

If you are looking for a multi-function pocket knife for sale, you may like Kershaw Barricade 8650. This colorful rescue pocket knife comes with tons of cool features to make it a great option for people who loves to explore the wilderness. This rescue knife features a 3.5-inch long stainless steel blade. Just like most other Kershaw knives, this one also comes with the SpeedSafe assisted opening. This SpeedSafe assisted flipper is quite easy to open with one hand. You will find a glass breaker tip, belt cutter, and a pocket clip in this knife. Its liner lock safety mechanism ensures the blade in position while using or closed situation. Kershaw’s precision heat treated 8Cr13MoV steel is strong and can withstand damage from both the abrasive and adhesive wear. Black Oxide coating makes the blade look amazing while adding mild corrosion resistance and anti-reflection feature to deflect light. This black pocket blade looks smooth and very tactical, which is desirable to many knife owners. As mention above, this tactical pocket knife can be used to break glasses or as an emergency escape tool, thanks to the built-in belt cutter feature. In a nutshell, this is one of the best cheapest pocket knives you could buy from the market.

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Tac Force TF903BK Tactical Laser Engraved Pocket Knife

Tac Force TF903BK Tactical Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a pocket knife with a razor-sharp blade, you are in luck! Tac Force’s TF903BK tactical knife comes with a 2.7″ long blade. When closed, the overall length of the knife is 3.75″. It weighs only 4 oz. Just like Kershaw Leek Knife, this one also comes with engraving options. You can have up to two lines of text laser engraved in the handle of the knife. Like many other knives on this list, it comes with a pocket clip that ensures quick and convenient access to your knife.

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Gerber Kettlebell Pocket Folding Knice

Gerber Kettlebell Compact Folding Knife

Overall Length: 6.2″
Blade Size: 2.5″
Steel: 7Cr17MoV
Lock Type: Frame lock

Gerber’s Kettlebell is just not another folding pocket knife of the market; it is a beauty with its own glamour. Gerber Kettlebell compact folding knife is made to cater to the EDC users, as the compact size will come very handy to them. You will find the kettlebell pocket knife in two different colors: Flat Sage & Grey. Its 2.5″ blade is made of rugged 7Cr17MoV steel material. The overall length of the knife is 6.2″. This steel material ensures a find edge with high retention of sharpness. It’s dual thumb studs ensures an intuitive and controlled deployment. Gerber Kettlebell coined aluminum handle makes it quite stylish. The dual finger choli provides superior control — it is sturdy, reliable, and the design also looks stunning.

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ALBATROSS FK003 Classic Sharp Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

Albatross FK003 Classic Sharp Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

Overall Length: 6.5″
Blade Size: 2.7″
Steel: 440 Stainless steel
Lock Type: Liner lock

If you are looking for a tactical folding pocket knife for sale, Albatross’s FK003 classic sharp tactical folding pocket knife should be your top choice. Albattross FK003 comes with a 2.7 inches long blade that is made of 440 stainless steel. When closed, the size of the knife is 3.8 inches, and the overall size is 6.5 inches. You will find a pocket flip with the knife that allows easy and safe carry to the user. It also comes with a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker, making it a great tactical folding knife. The carbide tip glass breaker can be used to break the glass of the car in an emergency situation. The seat belt cutter will go through seatbelts, jeans, and other sturdy fabrics. You can choose the knife in two colors: black or rainbow color. Both the black and rainbow coating looks stunning. Spring-assisted opening ensures fast one-handed deployment of the flipper. Also, the secure liner locking system will safely secure the blade open and prevents unwanted blade closure. In a nutshell, this is a great pocket knife if you are looking for something with tactical function.

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red swiss knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a multi-purpose pocket knife for sale, Victorinox Swiss army classic SD pocket knife is your best bet. This pocket knife combo is equipped with seven different functions. You will find a small 1.25″ blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissor, keyring, tweezers, and a toothpick. Swiss-made stainless steel construction with polished ABS scaled ensures great durability with a sleek and traditional red finish. Please note that this swiss knife is available in a lot of different colors. Due to its compact design, it fits very easily into almost any pockets. Victorinox knife is made in Switzerland and ensures high-quality that will last for a long time.

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