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The 15 Best Men’s Bomber Jackets 2024 – Bomber Jackets Review

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In a world where fashion and functionality intersect, bomber jackets have carved a niche for themselves. These classic pieces, with their origins traced back to the military, have transcended their initial utility to become a fashion statement. Born in the early 20th century, bomber jackets were initially designed to keep pilots warm in unpressurized cockpits at high altitudes. However, as times evolved, so did the essence and design of these jackets, migrating from the skies to the streets. Today, bomber jackets are more than just a warm layer; they are an emblem of style, versatility, and a hint of rebellion. They effortlessly blend with various outfits, making them a go-to choice for many looking to add a dash of rugged elegance to their attire. Whether paired with a simple tee and jeans or draped over a dress, the bomber jacket introduces a layer of complexity and texture to any ensemble.

The market is flooded with a variety of bomber jackets, each boasting unique features, materials, and designs. From leather and suede to nylon and cotton, the fabric choices are endless, offering something for every taste and occasion. The modern-day bomber jacket has also seen a resurgence of vintage designs, paying homage to its military roots while catering to contemporary fashion sensibilities. As we delve into exploring the best bomber jackets on the market, we’ll unravel the blend of tradition and modernity that these timeless pieces encapsulate. It’s not just about braving the cold; it’s about donning a legacy.


Alpha Industries Men MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries Men’s MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Renowned primarily as a master of utility knife production, Alpha Industries has also carved a remarkable niche in the realm of bomber jackets. Their MA-1 Flight Jacket, in particular, is hailed as a top-tier bomber jacket owing to its superior fabric quality, feature-rich design, and a price tag that doesn’t break the bank. The jacket’s shell is crafted from 100% robust nylon, while the lining is made of 100% polyester, ensuring a blend of durability and comfort. One of the standout attributes of the MA-1 Flight Jacket is its ribbed neck, cuffs, and waistband, which not only enhance the comfort quotient but also significantly boost the jacket’s longevity. The variety of color options and sizes ensures that finding the perfect fit is a breeze, catering to a broad spectrum of style aficionados.

For those with a penchant for variety and a flair for making bold fashion statements, the MA-1 comes with a unique reversible feature. With a quick flip, you can sport a different color, adding a versatile edge to your outfit. The design also incorporates a zip-front, snap hand pockets, and a distinctive utility knife pocket on the left sleeve, embodying a blend of style and practicality. In essence, Alpha Industries’ MA-1 Flight Jacket is more than just a bomber jacket; it’s a blend of fashion-forward aesthetics and utilitarian functionality, making it an outstanding choice for men. The availability of various colors and the reversible feature make it a prized possession for those looking to elevate their style game while retaining a sense of practical ruggedness.

Levi Men Ma-1 Flight Jacket


Levi Men Ma-1 Flight Jacket

Despite making great jeans, Levi also loves making flight jackets. Thousands of smart men loved this flight bomber jacket for apparently the great look, feature and reasonable price.  You can use it for both casual and formal purpose, thanks to the designer who designed it. It comes in five different sizes with only olive color. 100% nylon is used to make this flight jacket. The ribbed knit collar, cuff, and waistband will make it more comfortable for the wearers. You will find interior chest zip pockets, double entry pockets and also a lower snap flap. For such a low price, this is undoubtedly one of the best bomber jackets on the market.

Neo-wows Men Bomber Jacket with Patches

Neo-wows Men Bomber Jacket With Patches

Made of 100% nylon, this bomber jacket comes with a various number of mission patches over the chest and sleeves. If you like patches shown above, then this can be your next bomber jacket. As usual, the hem and cuffs are ribbed. There is a zipper on the front of the jacket with button-flap hand pockets. It comes in several sizes with different colors like Green, Blue, and Black. The material used to make it are premium and provides high durability for a long time. You will have a hard time finding a product like this at such a low price.

5. Todd Snyder + Champion Men Quilted Bomber Jacket

This is a quilted bomber jacket for men from Todd Snyder + Champion. Onion quilting pattern is used in this bomber jacket which makes it look cool with style. It uses different types of fabrics like jersey on the exterior, polyfill and a waffle rice thermal lining to keep you warm in cold weather. The neck trim and sleeve cuffs are ribbed. The two-way exposed zipper on the front makes it easy to get in and out. There is also a champion logo, and it is machine washable. The price may be high, but note that the materials used are high-quality.

Calvin Klein Men Wool Bomber

6.Calvin Klein Men Wool Bomber

Established by famous fashion designer Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Inc is one of the best American fashion houses to lead the fashion market. If you are a fan of wearing apparels made of wools, you will absolutely love this Calvin Klein Wool Bomber. This wool bomber jacket comes in two different colors with similar fabric composition. Wool and polyester with other yarn are used to prepare these two amazing bomber jackets. Just like a normal bomber jacket, this one also comes with a zip on the front side of the jacket. As usual, the cuffs and hems are ribbed. You will also get interior and exterior pockets on both bomber jackets. It’s simple yet elegant and comes at a reasonable price. And these make it one of the best bomber jackets of the market.

G-Star Raw Men Batt lg Bomber

7. G-Star Raw Men Batt lg Bomber

Made of 100% cotton, this batt suede bomber is quite expensive for most men like me. However, if you are ok with the price, you will love its unique design. Made of high-quality materials, this bomber jacket will be able to provide service for a long time. The material is crafted from premium suede with a rich plus surface which is famous for its soft hand feel. There are mesh pockets inside where you can keep your essential and expensive gadgets to tools. The cuff and collar are also ribbed to make the design more enticing. There is also a bright prince blue color to check if you want.

MCCKLE Men Zip Hip Hop Varsity Baseball Bomber jacket

8. MCCKLE Men Zip Hip Hop Varsity Baseball Bomber Jacket

If you are into hip-hop, MCCKLE baseball bomber jacket can be an excellent fit for you. Despite being cheap, MCCKLE manages to offer great material with good style. It comes in five different colors with waterproof material. There are several pockets with a zipper on the front for wearing it quickly. The collar and the cuffs are ribbed. What’s more, the cuffs are stretchable.

Hemoon Men Casual Baseball Bomber Jacket

9. Hemoon Men Casual Baseball Bomber Jacket

100% polyester is used to make this baseball bomber jacket. At first look it might not look like a classic bomber jacket, it’s lightweight, and looks more as a baseball jacket, thus called as a baseball bomber jacket. The collar and the cuff are ribbed while the front comes with a strong zipper. You will be able to land this bomber jacket with two different colors: Green and Black. The fabric used to make this comes with a high-quality material. There are functional pockets on the left sleeve of this baseball bomber jacket. All this comes at a very reasonable price.

Avenger A-2 Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket

10. Avenger A-2 Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket

Spending over thousands of dollars for a bomber jacket might sound absurd for most people. If budget is not a concern for you, and you love leather jackets, this bomber jacket can come very handy to you. Avenger A-2 is a lambskin leather bomber jacket for fashionistas. By pairing with jeans, this leather bomber jacket can look excellent on any muscular men out there. Due to the warmth provided by this jacket, we would suggest you use it in colder areas or cold weather. The main material is drum dyed Norwegian lamb leather. There are standard features like a zipper on the front with snap cover, pockets and more. Another great thing is the double collar with wool of cashmere blend lining.

Goose Bomber - Ash Heather

11. Saturdays Surf NYC Goose Bomber Ash Heather

This is one of the best bomber jackets for fall. Luxurious wool is used to make this bomber jacket. If you love slim fit, you will have to size down for a more snug fitting. The collar, cuff, and the bottom comes with ribbed construction. The manufacturer used 52% polyester, 22% wool, 40% acrylic and 9% other yarns to make this fabric. You will also find contrast black cotton lining for more attractive design.

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John Varvatos Men Leather Bomber

12. John Varvatos Leather Bomber

Founded by John Varvatos in 1999. John Varvatos has become an international luxury men’s lifestyle brand over the decades. Be it a punk teen or a classy man, a leather jacket is always a fantasy for stylish people. This leather bomber jacket can be a great example of how to prepare yourself for a rocking concert or a bike tour. If you aren’t a big fan of front zipper, you can use the buttons to have a snug fit on this bomber jacket. Due to the premium leather, the price of this bomber jacket is quite high, but it is worthy in our opinion.

Zanerobe Men Trail Bomber Jacket

13. Zanerobe Men’s Trail Bomber Jacket

Focused on providing quality fashion wears for men,  Zanerobe is a premium dress manufacturer.  If you are into fitness who loves running on those dark trails, this minimalistic bomber jacket will be a great option for you. You will find two zip pockets into the chest of this bomber jacket with patch pockets on each sleeve. Due to the minimalistic design it does not interferes when you are running through the trails. Thus, we can call it the best trail bomber jacket.

Wiberlux Acne Selo Men Glossy MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Wiberlux Acne Selo Men Glossy MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Most people think that bomber jackets are primarily designed for casual usage. However, a lot of people love to flaunt their bomber jackets with style. The bomber jacket above is the type of jacket that you want to show in the middle of the day or the first hour of the day. The manufacturer used 98% Nylon with 2% Polyurethane to make this bomber jacket. One great thing about this bomber jacket is it’s fitting. Most people love a good fitting, and that’s why I love this bomber jacket. Even though it’s expensive, it’s stylish design justifies the price.

G-Gator Grey Genuine Lambskin Varsity Baseball Bomber Jacket 1051

If you don’t mind waiting for a custom-made bomber jacket, you are suggested to check G-Gator’s lambskin varsity baseball bomber jacket. It is available to order from a New York-based fashion company called Upscale Menswear. Genuine lambskin is used to create this gray-colored bomber jacket. There are two-sized pockets on the size, stretched leather cuffs, and full front zipper closure. The lining used is 100% polyester.

Everlane The Street Fleece Bomber

The Street Fleece Bomber

Are you a fan of the cozy warmth that fleece apparel provides? Your sartorial preferences are about to be indulged with this exquisite fleece bomber jacket, a notable offering from Everlane. Crafted meticulously in the bustling heart of Ho Chi Minh, this bomber jacket is a celebration of comfort meshed with contemporary style.

The distinctive three-yarn fleece composition of this jacket sets it apart. The exterior is fashioned from 100% pure cotton, embodying a soft touch and aesthetic finesse, while the lining is a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This thoughtful combination ensures a snug fit while offering ample flexibility, making it a perfect companion for the brisk autumn breeze.

The design encapsulates a modern, casual aura, featuring a sleek, long zipper at the front, accompanied by two zippered pockets on either side, embodying a blend of functionality and style. This bomber jacket is a perfect ally for your sweatpants, elevating your road style effortlessly.

Available in a diverse range of sizes, this fleece bomber jacket caters to varying body types. Although moderately priced, the jacket echoes the typical cost associated with fleece products, which is a small price to pay for the comfort, warmth, and style it brings to your wardrobe. As you step out in this fleece bomber jacket, you’re not just wearing a jacket; you’re making a statement of elegance that is casual yet sophisticated.

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