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Best Kayak Carts 2022 | Kayak Trolley, Kayak Wheels, and More

Kayak carts are designed to make sure that one gets to transport their kayak or canoe with ease. If you are a seasoned kayaker, you already know that a kayak cart or wheel can significantly make it easy to roll your kayak to the shore or close to the water. There are different types of kayak carts available in the market, and their job is to transport the kayak from your car to as close as to the water. Unless you are using an inflatable kayak, nobody wants to carry a heavy hard-shell kayak. Besides that, dragging a kayak through a rocky or gravel path can damage the hull. Save yourself from all the hassle, and check our recommendations of top kayak carts to get one today!

-Best Kayak Carts 2022-

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

Suspenz is a household name when it comes to kayak transportation. Suspenz smart airless DLX cart is one of the finest kayak carts you will be able to find on the market. It has been used and tested by thousands of avid kayakers. This kayak cart comes with 10″ airless tires that will never go flat. Suspenz used a powder-coated aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware in this cart. As a result, you can understand the durability of this kayak cart is quite high. There are rubber pads on the frame to ensure that you can rest your kayak or canoe without the fear of scratches on the hull. The cart itself folds down to 27″x13″x3″ when not used. Once unfolded, you can put it in a mesh carry bag and store it into the trunk of your car or garage. Also, it has a maximum weight capacity of 125 bs. In a nutshell, this is a great kayak cart that can be used on almost all surfaces.

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Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Cart / Trolley

No-flat airless tires kayak carts are on the rise for their overall performance. Bonnlo’s kayak/canoe cart/trolley is also another option if you are searching for a kayak trolley with no-flat tires. Unlike Suspenz’s kayak cart, this one has a higher weight capacity. Bonnlo kayak cart comes with a 165lb carrying capacity that allows you to transport your kayak or canoe easily. You will find an aluminum frame with foam bumpers on each arm to prevent scratches to your kayak hull. As mentioned above, it comes with a 10″ airless non-flat tire that won’t have any chemical smell. It can roll the kayak or canoe smoothly across sand and gravel without a problem.

It is fairly easy to assemble and disassemble this kayak cart. You will be glad to know that you won’t even need a tool to assemble or disassemble it. It just breaks down easily and can be stored in a garage or the trunk of your car. As you can see in the picture, it comes with a 12″H spring-loaded stand that keeps your dolly propped onshore for quick loading out of water. The kickstand is available in two different shapes: U or ∩.


TMS Canoe Kayak Cart

TMS canoe/kayak cart is one of the most popular kayak carts available on the market. One of the biggest reasons for this kayak cart to be popular is its cheap price tag. Despite its seemingly simple appearance, it does have a high weight capacity limit; 150 pounds to be precise. Large 9-1/2″ D flat-free tires (with 3-1/2: width) are used to roll smoothly across sand and gravel. A stainless steel fastener and lynchpin are used in this cart. It ensures a very quick and fast assembly. Also, the sturdy double-leg kickstand allows easy loading of the kayak and canoes.

You will be getting a 12 ft long tie-down strap with the cart to ensure that the kayak rests safely on the foam bumpers. There are foam bumpers on each arm to protect your kayak or canoe hull. The frame is made of aluminum pipe (20x2mm) anodized stainless steel. Like the Suspenz trolley, TMS also used large 9-1/2″ diameter flat-free tires that work great on both even and uneven terrain.


Perception Large Kayak Cart With Foam Wheels

Perception Kayaks is a famous name when it comes to making top-notch kayaks. Little did we know, they also specialize in making cool kayak accessories like this awesome Perception kayak cart. If you have a big/large kayak, you will love this large kayak cart from Perception Kayaks. It is equipped with foam-filled flat-free tires that work on almost all-terrain. Like most other flat-free kayak carts, this one also comes with a compact folding design to ensure convenient storage. The green anodized coating on the aluminum frame makes it strong and corrosion-resistant. Perception kayak also used foam on the bar to ensure that the kayak doesn’t get scratches. A green strap is also provided with the package to secure the kayak properly. The overall weight capacity of this kayak cart is 165 lbs (75 KG).

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Onefeng Sports Universal Kayak Cart Boat Carrier

If you are looking for a universal kayak canoe trolley for sale, you need to check OneFeng’s sport kayak cart. Anodized aluminum tube (22.2×1.47mm) is used to make OneFeng’s universal kayak cart. It works great as a kayak or canoe dolly that breaks down for easy storage or transport. Odorless and environment-friendly tires with rubber sheaths are used in this kayak trolley. The dimension of the tires is 25x7cm. OneFeng used a spring button with strap design to secure the tire and kayak/canoe.

They inserted the spring button to the trolley tube to ensures that you don’t lose it. Also, they fixed the ten feet long strap on the trolley tube. You can use this strap to fasten the kayak easily. High-strength anodized aluminum is designed to have a maximum weight capacity of 165 lbs. Last but not least, there are rubber bumpers on the bars to protect the hull of your kayak from scratches and dents.

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Railblaza Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

Railblaza’s Ctug kayaks trolley carts have been offering excellent service to avid kayakers for a very long time. Unlike the Suspenz and Bonnlo, this is not a cheap kayak cart. The price might be a little high for this trolley cart, but the performance makes it worth it. Ctug used puncture-free high grip rubber treat wheels that will never go flat. This kayak trolley cart can be virtually used on almost all surfaces. It comes with an adjustable kickstand. All you have to do is to strap your kayak or canoe cart to the cart and start rolling it to the shore.

Reinforced composite materials are used to make the body of this kayak trolley cart. Its thermos-bonded elastomeric hull pads and stainless steel reinforced axles just ensure better durability than most of the kayak carts on the market. It is one of the very few carts that can handle 300 lbs. Last but not least, this trolley folds down withing twenty seconds and can be stored in most kayak’s hatches. TO buy the C Tug Kayak cart, click here.


ABN Universal Kayak Trolley

If you want a universal kayak trolley, ABN’s kayak trolley is a great option. ABN universal cart is actually a universal boat carrier to carry your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, float mat, Jon boat, and more. ABN uses high-strength anodized steel, which ensures longevity and offers a high weight limit: 200 pounds. Unlike the Suspenz or Bonnlo trolley, it doesn’t use wireless tire. It comes with a 9.5″ knobby tire, which is fairly easy to inflate. It allows for smooth movement across rough surfaces such as sand, gravel, wooded areas, etc.

There are bumper pads on the steel bar that will protect your water vessel from scratches or dents. You will find a 12-foot tie-down strap to secure your vessel. The spring-loaded kickstand is used for quick and easy loading of the kayak. When not in use, it folds for easy storage and transport. You can easily remove the lynchpin, and store the tire and the trolley to a large backpack.


Wilderness Systems Heavy-Duty Kayak Wheel Cart | Inflatable Beach Wheels

Wilderness Systems is a household name when it comes to kayaking. Besides making incredible kayaks, they also have top-notch kayak accessories in their collection. As you know, they tend to make sturdy kayaks that are heavy. If you are a proud owner of a heavy kayak from them, you will love this heavy-duty kayak cart. It has a weight rating of 330lb. So, if you own or plan to buy a sea or tourist kayak, you should get a heavy-duty kayak cart. This sturdy kayak comes with an inflatable beach wheel that rolls smoothly on the sands: the tire measure 13″ diameter and 7.5″ wide.

There are two height options available in this kayak: 18 inches for oddly shaped hulls and 16 inches for a lower center of gravity to prevent tip-overs. You may have already noticed that this kayak cart does not have any kickstand. Its unique design allows it to load kayak or canoes without kickstands or scupper posts. Besides that, you can use the included security straps to prevent the kayak from spilling. When not in use, the kayak cart easily breaks down for secure storage in your boat or home. It is one of the best kayak beach carts you will find on the market.

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Suspenz Airless END Kayak Cart

If you are hunting for a kayak cart that doesn’t need straps to hold down a kayak, Suspenz Airless End Kayak cart is the cart you need to buy. Like Supenz’s other kayak cart, this one also features an airless tire that never goes flat. One cool thing about this kayak cart is it is available in two different sizes: extra large and large. If you have a large kayak, you need to buy the extra-large 24-inch width kayak.

Oval T7 7000 aluminum epoxy powder-coated frame is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. It is fairly easy to load and unload the kayak or canoe on the cart. You just have to position one end of your boat on the cart, then off you go. Also, the oval tubing ensures a smooth and effortless height adjustment for a perfect fit for your boat.


Suspenz DLX Balloon Sand Cart

If you love paddling on the ocean, you will love this sand kayak cart. Suspenz DLX Balloon sand cart comes with 12 inches inflatable beach wheels that roll over the sandy surfaces with ease. The quick-release wheels allows easy care and assembly. The package comes with a hand-operated air pump to inflate the wheel. Rubber bumpers are placed on the bars to protect the kayak or canoe’s hull from damages like scratches or dents. The maximum weight capacity of this kayak cart is 175 lbs. Its dual-arm kickstand provides extra stability for loading your watercraft. The aluminum frame uses straps and buckles to secure the kayak. This kayak beach cart comes with a yellow color aluminum frame, and is strong enough to transport big kayaks too!

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