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10 Best Electronic Dart Board 2024 – Dartboard Buying Guide & Review

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Today we are reviewing the top Best Electronic Dart Boards. We are focused on their features, functionalities, durabilities, price, pros and cons.

Dart is a popular indoor game where you throw darts on a dartboard. If you love indoor games, then the possibility is that you have already tried playing this at home. There are various types of rules and boards available for this game. Today we are here to talk about the best electronic dartboard on the market.

Dart is a fun game to play, and it requires a tiny place. Throwing the sharp darts may be funny to us, but it might be a problem if you have kids in your house. This is where the best electronic dart board comes.


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Top Rated Best Electronic Dart Board 2024

Top Ranked Best Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

best electronic dart board

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard is our top pick for the best electronic dartboard. Arachnid is offering some high-quality electronic dartboards, and Cricket Pro 800 is one of them. This is a tournament quality electronic dartboard which offers 39 games with 179 variations. Arachnid Cricket pro 800 dartboard is made of NylonTough segments to provide better durability and playability. Thus, you can use this electronic dartboard for a very long time, and it won’t break easily. The shape of the dartboard will remain the same for a long time. What’s more, this material allows it to reduce noise and offers to play quieter than typical dart boards.

It uses Micro-thin segment dividers to reduce the bounce-outs. Usually, the bounce rate is higher in cheap dartboards, but not with this one. The scoring potential with this dartboard is pretty higher. Up to 8 players can participate with this electronic dartboard. However, if you want to play solo, you can do that too. There are some cool features like 3 level heckler feature, where you will be applauded or harassed depending on your throw. It can be turned on or off at any time. There are loads of other features like volume control, sleep mode, score count and more.

You will get 6 soft tip darts with extra dart tips, AC adapter, mounting hardware, manual, and instructions. You can keep the dart on the dartboard. You even get a one year warranty against the defects. These features made this the best electronic dartboard in the market.


  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard
  • Nylon tough segments for better durability and playability
  • A micro-thin segment to reduce bounce-outs
  • Optional 3 level heckler feature to entice the game with interactive play


  • Darts could be better
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Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard Set FS6000

If you are looking for a tournament sized electronic dartboard, Franklin sports got you covered. Franklin FS6000 is an electronic dartboard set that is safe to be used in household premises. Franklin FS6000’s large 15.5″ playing area offers excellent playability for both home and practice. That being said, you can use it in your office too! You will find an official scoring board just under the dartboard. The front panel of the board offers twenty-eight different games with over 100 variations to choose from to make sure that you don’t run out of fun game ideas.

Don’t you hate it when the dartboards are hard to mount on the wall? Well, you are not alone! Franklin Sports FS6000 is pretty easy to mount on the wall. All the necessary stuff that you may need are provided in the package to make life simpler. Besides the dartboard itself, you will find six darts and six soft dart replacement tips in case you lose some. There is a built-in storage option for the darts to make sure that you don’t lose them easily. Just plug it in and start playing. Due to the soft tip, this is a great electronic dartboard for kids too!

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Bullshooter by Arachnid E-Bristle 1000 Electronic Dart Board Complete Set

Bullshooter E-bristle 1000 is our second best electronic dart board. Made of plastic, sisal, and steel, this electronic dart board offers excellent durability and efficiency. It comes with a heavy-duty plastic cabinet with LED scoreboards.

Bullshooter by Arachnid E-Bristle 1000 Electronic Dart Board Complete Set

If you are looking for a complete set of electronic dartboard packages, this one should do fine. The dartboard is mounted in a heavy-duty plastic cabinet with ample dart storage. The dimension of the cabinet is 25L X 4D X 21H inches.

Up to 8 players can enjoy the game at the same time. There are 38 games with 211 variations to play.

It can even recognize voices, and there are some other optional sound effects to maximize your gaming experience.


  • 38 exciting games with 211 variation
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Both Steel or soft-tip darts can be used
  • Voice recognition with optional sound effect to make the game more entertaining


  • Darts might fall if not thrown properly
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Fat Cat Rigel 13-Inch Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Want to get the best electronic board, but don’t want to break the bank? Meet the Fat Cat Rigel 13-inch electronic soft tip dartboard which is the best electronic dartboard for the money. Despite the fact that it has a very low price (check price), it comes with some amazing features that are found on expensive electronic dartboards.

Fat Cat Rigel 13-Inch Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

This is a soft tip dartboard that offers 32 games and 305 scoring options. This electronic dartboard takes very small space and can be used in tiny rooms too.  You can use this electronic dartboard for family purposes. Up to 8 players can play dart with this dartboard at the same time.

There is an LED display at the bottom of the board. It can keep track of the points and scores. Thus, you don’t have to remember the points. One more reason to get this cheap electronic dartboard, right?

It comes with six plastic flight darts, 30 extra tips, and a game manual. The dartboard is powered with an AC adapter, not batteries.


  • Very cheap
  • Comes with advanced features
  • Multiple games and scoring option
  • Ac adapter included
  • Easy to mount


  • Doesn’t support battery
  • Small-sized
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What is an Electronic dart board?

An electronic dartboard is a round game where you need to hang the game board on the wall. Just like the standard dart games, the player needs to throw the darts at the board. An electronic dart board is split into different sections for various points.  The smaller sections will earn higher points while the large area provides fewer points.

The bulls-eye in the middle point will provide the highest point. An electronic dart board comes with soft-tipped darts to throw. These are safer and not harmful like the traditional steel darts.

These electronic dartboards come with an electronic display where it will keep and show the scores to you. Thus, you don’t need to worry about writing down the score or points. The display will differ vary from device to device.

Why should I get an electric dart board?

There are several reasons why you may need to get an electronic dartboard. The most important reasons why you should get the best electronic dart board game is the safety reasons. The electronic board uses a soft-tipped dart which is much safer than the traditional steel darts. Steel darts can be very dangerous if not taken carefully. These steel darts have the ability to harm a person.

If you have kids in your house and want to make sure that they don’t get injuries, it is better to choose electronic dart boards. An electronic dartboard will allow the adults and kids to play the darts game.

Besides that, there are several advanced features that are available on the electronic dart board but not the traditional dart board. You get to see the scores on display rather than remembering or writing down.

History Of Dartboard

It has been widely believed that the Dartboards were crafted from upside down wine barrels, and the archery highly influences it. Though this game was invented in medieval England, it is now loved by many people around the world. The rules of the dart game have been changed several times, and now there are international regulations for international matches. However, the household games may have different rules set by the players.


There are several sized dart board available in the market. There are standard on how a dartboard has to be hung. It needs to be hung in such a way that the bullseye is 5 feet and 8 inches from the floor. Which means that the eye level for the player needs to be in 6 feet tall for a better experience. Recreational and kids dartboards are usually bigger than professional dart boards for easy throwing. These are out of regulation and solely for recreational purposes.

Different Types Of Dart Boards

There are several types of o dartboards available in the market. If you want, you can get a customized dartboard too. You may have your name engraved, or a particular color with the board and many other features can be obtained.

Customized Boards:

There are many stores and online service which offer customized dartboards. You may get your favorite color, or you may engrave your name or initials on the board. You can put your favorite logo or attach more extra stuff to the casing. As most of the dart games are hosted in pubs and bars, you may see alcohol and beer brands name engraved in the dartboard. Some sports teams have their own dartboard logo with their mascot or team colors or may their particular star players.

Bristle Dartboards

Bristle dartboards are specially designed for professional and competition purposes. For regulation and competition purposes, it is crucial to have the perfect surface on a dartboard. These dartboards are mainly used in competition for their durability. These dartboards feature sisal fibers. Thus, these dartboards have a self-healing feature. There are numbers on each ring to understand the point easily. If you want, you can remove the numbers. Bristle dartboards are widely used in professional competitions.

Magnetic Dartboards

The title is self-explanatory to understand the mechanism of this types of dartboards. These dartboards offer safe playing as there are no sharp tips. Thus, the problem of getting hurt doesn’t exist in this type of dartboards. These dartboards usually have a cloth in front of the wall. These dartboards come with flat darts to throw. Note these darts are magnetic. These dartboards are pretty easy to store and.

Children Dartboards

Children’s dartboards are usually smaller in size. Since these are for children, the dartboard is in different types of color and design. These dartboards are soft and flexible. You can get them at a low price also.

Electronic Dartboard:

In this article, we have discussed the best electronic dartboards. Electronic dart boards are getting very famous for their amazing features, prices, and display system. These types of dartboards can be found in most of the bars and pubs. Previously people were using traditional dartboards, but the time is changing now. It allows you to focus on the game rather than remembering or writing the scores. Electronic dartboard comes with a display where it shows the scores and points of players. You need to create a profile first to follow-up quickly. Multiple players can play the game simultaneously to make it more entertaining. There are some advanced dartboards which provide cyber-playing with friends. This feature will link-up with players with the same board in a different territory. As a result, you get the option to make the playing more amazing.

What to consider To get the best electronic dartboard?

Different people may have various types of requirements to get their perfect electronic dartboard. We are going to share on which features to check while purchasing an electronic dartboard.


Obviously, this was coming. Price is one of the most important factors while buying something. Most of the electronic dartboard will cost you more than $80. However, there are some amazing electronic dartboards under $50 as well. If you want more features and durability or bigger size, you may have to spend more than $80. We have mentioned a table at the top of the article to check the low priced electronic dartboards.


Usually, the display is located at the bottom of the board. However, there are some electronic dartboards that have a display on the top of the board. The displays may differ from board to board, but the functionality is quite the same. They are there to provide the score and points. Some of the boards might have a bigger display, and some might have a smaller display. It is up to you to choose the one you like.

Number of Players

Cheap dartboard will allow a few people to play the game simultaneously while a high-end board will provide multiple players to play the game simultaneously. If you have a big number of family members or want to host friends at home, you may need a dartboard with a bigger number of players. Usually, dartboards allow to play with eight people at a time, but cheaper boards might restrict the number of players.

Number of games

Playing the same game over and over again might be boring. This is why you need a dartboard with some variations in the game. Advanced electronic dartboards will allow users to play a variety of different games. However, you need to check that there are proper instructions on the book for the games.


Yet another important factor to check before getting the best electronic dartboard. Most of the boards will come with the necessary accessories, but some will provide better accessories at a higher price. It is you who will decide whether those accessories worth their price or not.


Unlike other indoor games, this one is very affordable and requires a very small place.  It would be a fantastic option to get the best electronic dartboard to your home or office to utilize leisure time. Any adults or kids can take the benefits of throwing some damn darts on the board have fun. There are cheap electronic dartboards and high-quality dartboards too. If you don’t mind to spare some bucks on a high-quality dartboard, then my vote goes to the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard. In terms of price and value, Achnid is Best Electronic Dart Board in my opinion. If money is a concern, then go for Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard. Just don’t waste your time watching the TV but playing darts.

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