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Best EDC knives

Considered among must-have tools by millions of people all over the world, pocket knives are vital day-to-day accessories that come in handy in many ways. Whether you are looking to ease can and or box opening at home or want to enjoy a memorable experience on your camping or hiking site(s), the plethora of knife types and designs currently available in stores never disappoint. They are also perfect self-defense accessories that have saved millions of people from challenging security situations, particularly from wild animals and burglars. To get a well-crafted model that you can carry along effortlessly during your outdoor escapades, Everyday Carry Knives (EDC) are among the most recommended for professionals and individuals alike. Today we are reviewing the top 20 best EDC knives for everyday carry.

What are EDC knives?

Since the development of crude bone and stone knives by early humans centuries ago, knife making techniques have improved tremendously with contemporary models becoming smaller and sharper. EDC knives are multi-functional handheld tools designed to help individuals to perform everyday tasks effortlessly. The streamlined blades that most models have, for instance, are perfect for opening packages, cutting tags or strings, and doing light-duty and heavy-duty cutting jobs indoors and outdoors. Made of premium steel and impact-resistant nylon, titanium, or wooden handles, they are also durable and designed to benefit users immensely without weighing them down during transportation.

Compared to most standard knives, the reputation of EDC knives has improved significantly since their inception many years ago. For those that enjoy traveling light, for instance, their compact and portable designs have attracted them global attention. With some contemporary models in reputable stores such as Amazon, buyers also get an assortment of add-ons (serrated edges and glass breakers, for instance) that better their performance. Unlike standard knives, therefore, you get a valuable self-sufficient accessory that improves the experience of its users outdoors. Preferred by law enforcement and tacticians, EDC knives are also super convenient mainly because of the quality materials and technologies used to make them. Buy one of the following top 20 best EDC knives for the best experience.

 Top 20 Best EDC Knives 2021

cold steel recon 1

Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Plain Edge Knife

This one is undoubtedly one of the best EDC knives you can find in the market. Since its inception decades ago, Cold Steel Inc. has produced excellent everyday carry knives for individuals and law enforcement, the military, emergency service personnel and most other special units. Specializing in folding knives, most of its products are sharp, strong, and well-crafted using the best quality materials that withstand both physical and environmental abuse over the years. The Recon 1, for instance, is a pioneering spear point model that has attracted global acclaim.

Do you venture on frequent outdoor trips during your free time? Are you shopping for a compact yet dependable EDC knife that you can travel with during effortlessly during your numerous escapades? Featuring a durable 3.5mm thick steel blade, it is a dependable straight edge knife, sought-after because of its reliability. Its long 5-3/8-inch handle has a comfortable ergonomic design that users appreciate while the durable ambidextrous belt clip that buyers get eases transportation and storage. Forget about the cheaply made knives that often break easily when doing taxing cutting or digging tasks.

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Kershaw Cryo G10

Kershaw 1555G10 Cryo

Best cheap EDC Knife: If you are not willing to break the bank, then this is one of the best EDC knives for you. Popular for its flipper line of knives, Kershaw is a dependable US brand that has been in existence since 1988. By exploiting the value of steel and other tough materials, it has developed numerous novel knives with well-balanced backwash models such as Kershaw 1555G10 Cryo ranking among the most sought-after in 2016.

Featuring the SpeedSafe flipper design that most individuals appreciate, this knife offers value in a compact and portable package. The 2.75-inch blade offered has an ever-sharp straight edge that cuts effectively. Its stonewashed F-10 handle, on the other hand, is comfortable to hold, while the well-honed ball bearing system, lock bar stabilizer, and built-in frame lock boost its safety and performance. This 3.7-ounce knife measures approximately 3.75 ounces (closed).

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mini utility knife

Kershaw Shuffle II Folding Pocket Knife

Kershaw Shuffle II is a folding pocket knife for people who love multi-functional devices. Primarily a utility knife, Kershaw Shuffle II is best used for EDC tasks, camping, hunting, fishing, etc. Kershaw uses 8Cr13MoV stainless steel tanto blade that is very sharp and can be used to puncture, slash, slice, chop or scrape the surface of different materials. 8Cr13MoV is a Chinese produced stainless steel that has carbon and less nickel for extra hardness and edge retention. It comes with an attractive blade finish (stonewashing) and coating that makes it highly durable and makes it easy to match with most outdoor clothing. You will also find a flathead screwdriver tip, a handy bottle opener on both sides of the knife, and a lanyard hole. Also, the reversible pocket clip can be used for tip-down left or right-handed carry. It also comes with a fast deployment system, thanks to the dual ambidextrous thumb studs positioned on both sides of the blade.

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Zero Tolerance 0801BW Flipper

Zero Tolerance 0801BW Flipper

Set up in 2006, Zero Tolerance has cemented its place among the most reputable knife maker with its line of top-of-the-line knives. Initially, this company produced premium combat knives for law enforcement and other personnel. However, as its client-base increased and the demand for lighter and slimmer everyday knives soared, it delved into the premium and general use knives and had never looked back.

Perfect for heavy-duty cutting, splitting, and digging, for instance, 0801BW Flipper is a titanium BackWash knife with an advanced frame lock for safety and a manual open ball bearing system (KVT) that betters its performance. This knife has a reversible design that benefits both right and left-handed individuals. Blade length (3.5-inches) is admirable, while its compact 4.7-inch design (closed) fits comfortably in pockets or deep carry clips (provided) during transportation. Zero tolerance’s knives are on most people favorite “best EDC knives” list.

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Boker Plus 01BO730 Urban Trapper

Boker Plus 01BO730 Urban Trapper

By far one of the most trusted brands globally; Boker Plus is a renowned manufacturer of tactical, sports, and collectors knives since 1869. Boker Plus Urban Trapper is another best EDC knife at a reasonable price. The different handle and blade material that it uses appeals to millions of individuals globally. Its designs, on the other hand, are durable and have a unique German flair that most individuals appreciate.

By far one of the most famous EDC knives in stores, Boker Plus 01BO730 Urban Trapper is an acclaimed 3.5-inch knife with an ever-sharp straight edge for cutting and splitting applications. Made of cutlery-grade VG-10 Japanese steel, this 1.7-ounce silver-themed knife is not only light but also holds up well over the years.

The unique titanium frame lock it comes with improves both the safety and performance of users, while the well-engineered 8mm handle it comes with fits snug in hand without irritating users. Even though slimmer than comparable products listed herein, you get a well-balanced sub-compact pocketknife backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556

With over 30 years of experience in the knife-making industry, Benchmade is home to high-performance knives bench made knives that last longer than the contemporary butterfly ones currently available in stores. Crafted with everyday users in mind, the advanced manufacturing technologies and the premium materials it used to produce knives have attracted it positive attention with some of its best sellers ranking among the most sought-after by individuals, hikers, and campers alike.

Perfect for cutting and digging jobs, Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 is a drop point (plain) satin-finished knife with a durable glass-filled handle (nylon) that holds up well. Fitted with a unique ambidextrous thud-stud opener, it works well for both right and left-handed individuals. The American-forged stainless steel used to make its blade handles tough industrial applications without breaking or bending, while its reversible clip secures it safe during transportation.

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Zero Tolerance 0560BW Blackwash Hinderer

Zero Tolerance 0560BW Hinder

While most knife manufacturers concentrate on making profits, Zero Tolerance is a somewhat charitable brand that works with individuals and organizations to combat violence against women and men. Since its inception in 2006, it has also supplied individuals with numerous professional grade knives, most of which are made of heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten.

To own one of Zero Tolerance’s premium knives and support one of its charitable initiatives at the same time, 0560BW backwash is a recommended flipper knife with a plethora of admirable attributes. Made in the USA, for instance, using Elmax tungsten steel, its 3.75-inch blade is durable, well-honed, and finished with a DLC backwash that prevents corrosion and rust. Its 3D-machined titanium handle is comfortable to use, while its well-balanced 5.8-ounce design handles heavy-duty use well. This knife has a lock bar stabilizer for safer and a free quad-mount carry clip (deep carry) for easier transport.

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Trident Serrated Folding Knife

SOG Trident TF1-CP

Home to numerous tactical knives, specialty knives, and a myriad of hand tools that people use on a day-to-day basis, SOG stands out among the countless reputable brands in this space. Tested and approved by law enforcement, most of its products are high-grade. The intricate and feature-rich accessories on offer appeal to individuals, while its affordability is interesting considering the value buyers get.

For those that build shelters and spend a lot of time outdoors on a regular basis, having a quality knife is important. While most available models in stores satisfy the demand of individuals of various, a few rivals this black-themed Trident TF1-CP model. Made of high-grade stainless steel that partially serrated blade (black) offered is durable and has a built-in rasp that improves its functionality. Its handle is a comfortable GRN model with a beautiful digi camo finish while its compact folding design does not require a lot of effort to carry around. If you love beautifully crafted knives, then this is one of the best EDC knives for you.

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Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

Kershaw Ken Onion

Founded in 1974, Kershaw has designed and manufactured numerous award-winning everyday carry knives using advanced materials and technologies. While its knives retail in a plethora of price ranges, the value that they offer has made them preferred models for fishing, tactical use, and for camping to name a few. Apart from their quality and diversity, the limited lifetime warranty that Kershaw offers for its knives has earned it a spot among the best brands of all time.

Folding knives have grown in popularity over the years mainly because of their versatility and higher safety rating. To get a valuable model that you will enjoy using every day, Kershaw Ken Onion never disappoints. Featuring a stylish blur folding design with a reversible tip pocket clip and a SpeedSafe assisted opening, transportation, and operation are easy. The Sandvik 14C28N steel with (DLC coating) uses to manufacture it blade resists corrosion, rust, and dents over time, while the rigid anodized aluminum handle (6061-T6) it comes with lasts long. Kershaw Ken Onion is USA-made, lightweight (3.9 ounces), and has a portable 4.5-inch closed length with a 3.4-inch blade.

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Al Mar Osprey Ultralight Brown Folding KnivesAl Mar Osprey

With most of the large-type knives in stores, weight is a significant impediment, particularly to individuals that travel long distances or those shopping for efficient blades that they can use for long. The Al Mar brand has solved this problem. Headquartered in Oregon, United States, it is a leading manufacturer of light tactical and everyday carry knives for men and women. While the dramatic and innovative knife designs in its arsenal are major selling points, the durability, and functionality of models such as Osprey have attracted it global acclaim.

Forget about the bulky and somewhat cumbersome knife that you travel with often during your numerous escapades, and grab this EDC knife. To get a trim down knife that cuts well and lasts long, Osprey is one of the best in 2016. It is compact (2-1/4 inches folded), made of heavy-duty AUS-8 stainless steel that withstands abuse well, and has a comfortable micarta canvas handles (brown) with lanyard loops for easier transport.

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Spyderco Manix 2 PlainEdge KnifeSpyderco Manix 2

Spyderco is a renowned cutlery company with some of the most charming EDC pocketknives and sharpeners. A pioneer of the folding knife technology and add-ons such as serrations and belt clips, this company has contributed significantly to the growth of the cutlery industry and attracted millions of loyalists from all over the world. Whether you are an avid camper or law enforcement, one of the myriads of its bestselling brands such as Manix 2 will serve you well.

A popular plain edge knife among campers and hikers alike, Spyderco Manix 2 outclasses most comparable knives for many reasons. Made of flat-ground CPM S30V stainless steel, the durability and cutting performance of its blade is admirable. The patented ball bearing lock that connects its blade and handle promotes a safe and smooth ambidextrous operation, while the reversible pocket clip offered to make transportation (on both the left and right side) a breeze.

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Columbia River Knife and Tool 5351

Columbia River Knife and Tool 5351

Are you a fan of combination knives? While several brands have delved into this category, Columbia River Knife and Tool towers above its competition because of its stringent production techniques. Established in 1994, this American brand has designed an array of admirable knives that continue to serve individuals well to date. Its commitment to quality and unique patented designs have also attracted its praise.

Measuring 7.25 inches, Columbia River Knife and Tool 5351 is a large EDC knife with a drop point BDI steel blade that cuts as good as it digs. Its lightweight body (5.9 ounces) does not require a lot of effort to use. The unique ball bearing pivot system used smooths opening and folding, while the flat top serrations and the ILS safety lock system it comes with improving its performance and safety respectively.

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Zero Tolerance 0801BW Flipper Titanium BlackWash Knife

Zero Tolerance 0801BW

Acclaimed for intricate designs and the quality of knives it offers its customers; Zero Tolerance has also attracted global attention for over 20 years now because of social projects. With every knife that you purchase, you not only get a professional-grade tool that works well indoors and outdoors but also help the company to combat the never-ending violence against women and men.

When shopping for knives, one of the major mistakes some individuals make is to compromise quality for the price. With Zero Tolerance 0801BW, however, you get an affordable professional-grade accessory in black with a reversible ambidextrous design that benefits right and left-handed individuals. Even though manual opening, its 3.5-inch steel blade dislodges smoothly courtesy of its advanced KVT ball bearing system. Both its blade and titanium handle have aesthetic blackwash finishes that protect them from the elements, while its well-honed edges are not only sharp but also easy to sharpen when dull.

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Buck Knives 0347 Vantage Pro Folding Knife

Buck Knives 0347 Vantage Pro

Founded in 1902 in San Diego United States, Buck Knives has a long history of producing functional tactical and survival knives that hunters, campers, and law enforcement alike prefer to their competition. Credited with the development of the first line of folding hunting knives, its rich history and the quality of products it manufactures to date have earned it a spot among the best brands of all time.

Do you appreciate the value of tactical and survival knives? If you are shopping for a new model to replace your damaged one, 0347 Vantage Pro from Buck Knives outmatches its competition in many regards. Foldable, for instance, you can transport it effortlessly in your backpack or pocket. Its 3-1/4-inch steel blade (S30V), on the other hand, is a corrosion resistant drop point model with high ductility and fantastic edge retention. If you like light knives, this model weighs only 4.0-ounces. You also get a free tip-up clip and a lifetime warranty.

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Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Black Blade KnifeSpyderco Paramilitary 2

Spyderco pocketknives have millions of loyal users all over their world mainly because of the unique leaf-like blades and plethora of add-on accessories integrated into its products. The Paramilitary 2, for instance, is an updated black knife with a versatile four-way clip that betters its functionality. Made and tested in the United States, its durability is admirable. Its compact screw together construction holds up well over the years while the comfortable G-10 laminate handle buyers get also features unique scales that improve traction.

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Boker Plus 01BO605 Folding Knife

Boker Plus 01BO605: Folding Knife

Best folding EDC knife: Judging by the positive attention Boker has attracted globally; it currently is one of the best brands in the EDC knife niche. Elegant, durable, and highly versatile, most knives in its arsenal appeal to outdoor enthusiasts of all cadres with this Boker Plus 01BO605 model ranking among the best-selling in stores.

As most products listed herein, its subcompact foldable design is very easy to transport when out camping or hiking. While its straight edge blade is significantly smaller (1-7/8-inches) than that of most brands, the tough VG-10 steel used to make it rarely dulls, chips, nor loses its structural appeal after months of regular abuse. Buyers also appreciate its lightweight (2.3 ounces) design, durable titanium frame with a lock for safety and a thumb stud for easier one-handed opening, and the lifetime warranty offered.

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Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife (Black)

Ontario 8848 RAT

Popularly known as OKC, Ontario Knife Company is a trusted USA brand that has been making hand tools since 1889. Ontario works with professionals and industry players to develop high-performance knives that continue to influence lives positively. While most of its products are of the best quality, its line of combat, tactical, and EDC knives have contributed to the global success that it enjoys to date.

With a flagship model such as Ontario 8848 RAT, for instance, you get a folding five-ounce knife with a mean-looking 3.5-inch blade made or heavy-duty AUS steel.  This folding 8848 RAT model, for instance, is an acclaimed black-themed model with a plain edge 3.5-inch blade that resists physical abuse well. Featuring a plain ever-sharp edge, it handles demanding cutting jobs well. User comfort is an optimal courtesy for its well-finished 4.5-inch handle while its unique open post construction is not only easy to control but also easy to clean after use. You get a premium four-position clip with each purchase.

The AUS-8 steel used to make it resists corrosion and rust, while its lightweight design (5 ounces) also features a durable nylon handle with a versatile lanyard hole. To diversify your carrying options, Ontario offers a 4-way position pocket clip for each knife buying.

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The County Knife

The County Knife

Home to concealable and straightforward knives, The County appeals most to individuals that do not like carrying bulky knives on their hips or those looking for perfection is a small package. As most acclaimed brands, stainless steel is its material of choice. The stringent production techniques that it uses guarantees users value while its affordability appeals to individuals with a tight budget.

Featuring a rust-proof straight back Sandvik steel blade, The County Knife is an elegant folding knife with a unique slip joint-style that eases opening and closing. Perfect for scouts and younger individuals, the compact 2.5-inch blade it comes with does not clutter space during transportation. Its strength is impeccable, while the smooth walnut wood handle (3.5 inches) it comes with is not only charming but also designed to fit securely in the hand when cutting or digging. Assembled, this knife weighs a paltry 1.9 ounces.

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Opinel N Degree7

Opinel N Degree7

Popular for the self-named wood-handled knives that it has produced since 1890, Opinel has revolutionized the knife making industry because of their quality production guideline it follows and the quality materials it uses. Made of tempered carbon steel, for instance, Opinel N Degree7 has a beautifully crafted 8-centimeter blade that cuts, digs, and slices effortlessly. The sustainable Beachwood used to make its handle is smooth and impact resistant, while its timeless French allure appeals to both knife collectors and individuals alike. Despite the ultra-low price, this manages to earn a spot on a lot of people’s “best EDC knives” list.

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Columbia River Knife and Tool 2385 Folts Minimalist Razor Edge Knife

Columbia River Knife: Minimalist Razor Edge Knife

If you are a minimalist gear love, then this minimalist EDC knife is everything you need. Columbia River and Tool’s knives are popular for their excellent durability and functionality. This is a minimalist knife with the design of Alan folts from Greenville.

This EDC knife features a high-quality blade with a Wharncliffe style. It is made of 5Cr15MoV Steel. Holding and managing this EDC knife is easy, thanks to the spear blade point and the custom-fitted Zytel sheath. You can easily operate this minimalist EDC knife and wear it as a neck knife. The sheath weighs only 1.6 ounces, so that’s not a problem to carry. You can use this knife for scraping, woodworking, and precision carving. It’s just one of a kind of the best EDC knives available for minimalist lovers.

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Ganzo G720 Tactical Folding Knife

Ganzo G720 Tactical Folding Knife

Love to carry foldable EDC knives? If yes, then you will fall in love with this Ganzo G720 tactical folding knife. Ganzo G720 is a cool EDC knife which is available in three different colors. Ganzo G720 uses G10+ stainless steel and 440c stainless steel blade. This G10 is a strong modern material which is heat and chemical resistant. The blade has a length of 3.5” when open, and 4.7” when closed. As the name suggests, you can use this knife for tactical purposes like breaking car windows. What’s more, on the handle side, there’s a grooved lining to make sure that knife doesn’t slide. You can use the metal clip on the handle to easily carry on the go. This may not be the best EDC knives on this list, but when you compare the price with others, this one is a best.

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When shopping for knives for everyday use, one of the major mistakes most individuals make is to purchase the first cheap products that they come across. Never make a similar mistake. While the technology or knife making has improved dramatically and the plethora of products in stores admirable, consider purchasing an EDC to enjoy the following benefits. Manufactured using premium materials, for instance, most models handle abuse well. Their shorter blades and foldable designs are very easy to conceal, while their low maintenance designs make them ideal travel accessories for campers, hikers, and law enforcement. For the best experience, consider buying one of the 20 best EDC knives mentioned in this article. They are affordable readily available in stores and offer the foregoing benefits and more.

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