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Top 10 Canadian Shoe Brands to Follow

Last Updated on October 3, 2021 by Afsar

If you’re an avid fan of shoes and fashion, you should probably know that following the top brands is essential to stay updated with the current trend and styles. Fortunately, Canada is the home for multiple high-end and upcoming shoe brands, so that you won’t have a problem finding your distinct style and taste available in the market.

Now and then, there are top shoe brands on the lookout and are deemed to provide creativity and quality like no other. That is why we’ve compiled Top 10 Canadian Shoe Brands to Follow so you would have an idea of what’s out there for you.


If you’re into the classic yet classy type of shoes, Fluevog is the perfect shoe brand for you. Coming from deep-rooted history in the shoe industry and fashion, John Fluevog has been around for ages providing high-quality and creative designs.

His unconventional type style separates him from the rest, allowing Fluevog to provide outstanding designs over multiple decades, which shows their brand’s versatility and adaptability.

Fluevog celebrated its 50th Anniversary last 2020, offering a wide array of unique sole selections to the market in such an extended period. This solidifies the case that Fluevog is most certainly one of the Top 10 Canadian Shoe Brands to Follow.


L’intervalle is a Montreal-based footwear company that aims to provide the highest quality and luxury products at the lowest possible prices. Their classy chic style has made them a famous brand in Canada, garnering multiple avid footwear customers.

They believe fashion and art have no bounds; that is why they are constantly seeking those who wish to explore the limitless possibilities of style and creativity.

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies aims to be more than just a shoe brand. They believe in creating products and seek to make notes on culture, create symbols, collaborate for personal freedoms, and capture moments through their work.

Their approach to fashion is uniquely different from others, making them undeniably one of Canada’s most-followed shoe brands.


Over the years, fashion and functionality are gradually meeting their course for brands to finally provide fashionable yet convenient footwear.

Vessi is a Canadian Shoe Brand for people who are looking for comfortable sneakers for everyday use. They were able to provide comfortable wear without compromising on the actual design and feel.

They also have various product categories to choose from, such as weekend sneakers, cityscape sneakers, everyday sneakers, everyday slip-ons to specifically cater to your needs and easily decide depending on where you are planning to use them.

Poppy Barley

If you’re into exploring and creativity when it comes to your fashion style, Poppy Barley might be the perfect brand for you.

The company aims to re-think every step of the fashion industry, seeking more improvements for the future. Poppy Barley isn’t just a company that follows the trend; they are the trendsetters in the industry.


Lightweight, Convenient, Happier, Straightforward, and Functional; if you value those qualities when it comes to the footwear you want to buy, Native must be on top of your list.

Their purpose is to encourage people to live more lightly by providing lightweight and easy footwear. They believe not just in their shoes but what it solely represents.

If you’re an easy-going person or aims to be one, Native is the perfect shoe brand for you!

Call It Spring

A branch of the Montreal-headquartered Aldo Group, Call It Spring, featuring high-end vegan casual shoots and boots. They are committed to aiming for sustainability and ethical factors constantly. Call It Spring is steering the balance of style and responsibility well in order to provide the necessities of their customers without compromising their ethical values.

Matt & Nat

If you’re someone in with nature and appreciate cruelty-free products, Matt & Nat is the perfect shoe brand for you.

Matt & Nat is a Canadian brand that focuses on providing vegan, cruelty-free and recycled products on the market. Their inspiration comes from understanding that we must constantly aim to better our ways to protect our nature.

The company’s way of protecting nature is by not using leather or animal-based materials, which resonates with most people who care deeply for the same reasons.

Hoyden Shoes

Being bold and adventurous is the message of this new and upcoming favorite shoe company Hoyden Shoes. Their designs are meant for people who don’t ascribe to the traditional aesthetic of footwear. Every meticulously designed shoe was handcrafted in Spain and maintained the highest quality standard.

If you’re someone who loves to explore new fashion styles and designs, Hoyden Shoes might be your next go-to shoe store.


Zvelle aims to create timeless pieces of fashion items contrary to how fast the industry trends. If you’re someone who has a classy fashion sense and doesn’t just wants to follow the current trend but wants to acquire classic products, Zvelle is your top choice.

They are well known for providing luxurious products with vibrant designs. Their ability to gauge the market’s distinct taste and fashion feel makes them undeniably one of the top brands to look for in Canada.

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