Best California Olive Oils

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Olive Oils are excellent but do you know what’s better? California Olive Oils! These Olives Oils are minimally processed, cold-pressed, and grown from California’s soil known for its versatility and richness. Farmers in California have proven methods of extracting Olive Oils while keeping their nutrients and raw taste. A considerable part of Olive Oil production in the United States comes from California for a good reason. As the consumption of California Olive Oils increases worldwide, we’ve featured some of the Best California Olive Oils that you’d definitely want to try!

California Olive Ranch

If you’re looking for an award-winning taste that could instantly elevate the taste of your cooking, California Olive Ranch’s Olive Oil should be on your list. Their brand holds itself to the highest standards, so you’ll be sure that you’ll truly get the spirit of California in their Olives. What’s great about them is that they craft different flavor intensities, so rest assured you’ll be getting what you need, depending on your taste preferences and where you’ll be using it. Their attention to detail in bringing forth the best taste and highest quality possible for the general market to enjoy in their households makes them worthy of being a go-to source of California Olive Oils.

McEvoy Ranch

If you’re more into the classic raw taste of Olive Oils, you most certainly should try checking out McEvoy Ranch. Their family has been in the business of Olives since 1990 and still delivers perfectly well by offering tons of olive varieties. Their methods are known for being rooted in Italian craftsmanship with a bold Californian approach, so expect to experience a taste of cultures once you consume their products. Their Olive Oils are produced at Northern California Ranch with the highest craftsmanship to bring out the best in each flavor for you to enjoy. With an Olive Oil that smells like freshly cut grass and has a tasty classic richness in taste, their oils are ideal for drizzling over pasta or enhancing flavors to whichever you may like to add.

Cobram Estate

Cobram Estate is an Olive Oil producer and distributor that is founded by two farmers who met in agriculture college named Rob and Paul. Their obsession with delivering authentic and unmatched olive oils has flourished as they put their hearts into their craft. If you are looking for a well-balanced Olive Oil that is distinct in its flavor and is pretty much great to partner with anything or even on its own, Cobram Estate is the one for you! Their Olive Oils are also never processed or have any additives, so rest assured you’ll be getting a taste of rawness in every flavor they have.

Pineapple Collaborative

Were you looking for a more flashy choice? Pineapple Collaborative’s Oil is blended from Koroneiki, Arbequina, and Arbosana Olives grown by Ricchuiti Family at Enzo Olive Company. Their Olive Oils are described as hints of green tea, grass, and ripe apple with a slightly peppery finish. Pineapple Collaborative’s Oil is also as versatile as anything on this list as they are perfect for salad dressings, spicing up your pasta, drizzling over veggies, baking, and more! The company’s back story came from a simple potluck dinner by a group of friends, and their aim to deliver go-to olive oil that will suit every palette has gone really well and has spiced up tons of dishes at feasts since then.

California Olive Oil by Big Paw Olive Oil

If you’re looking for an all-around top of the line California Olive Oils, Big Paw Olive Oil won’t ever disappoint you. Every single olives are explicitly chosen with the intention to provide a consistently outstanding rich goodness of flavor, aroma, and quality. People love their Olive Oils because they come from unadulterated oil production, have distinct original taste, delicate blend, premium quality olives, and organic. Cold-pressed and grown in California allows the olives to be in their purest form to let people taste perfection while enhancing their dishes. Big Paw Olive Oil takes pride in handling its products with the utmost care by offering handmade bottles labeled in small batches, ideal for preserving that homegrown California Sourced Olives. With tons of various flavors, you can easily blend them with every food you prepare at the table, whether for salad dressings, bread dipping, cooking, baking, marinade, or even cocktails.

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