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Butterfly knives are also known as fan knife. It is known as balisong at the Philippines. It is basically a folding pocket knife. Due to the flipping ability, these types of knives gathered an attention from fun-loving knife collectors. Though it is primarily used for fun, it should be used with care. Not to mention, this article is for adults only. I have mentioned several butterfly knives in this article. These are unsharpened balisong knives for practicing. None of these butterfly knives have sharpened edge. Before you get a sharpened butterfly knife, these knives can help you practice to learn to flip.

10 Best Butterfly Knives 2020- Best Balisong Knives

CONBEE High-Quality Practice BALISONG

Blade Size: 9-inches
Blade Steel: 5Cr12MoV

Conbee’s 9-inch balisong practice knife is made of 5Cr12MoV steel blade. It is 9 inches long and 3.8 inches wide. If you are trying to play with the sharp balisong knife, you may get cut or bruises from the knife. This is why it is wise to start with a practice balisong knife like this and improve your skills.

It uses spring latch with copper gasket rivet and weighs only 153g. You will also get a sheath and box included in the package. Also, the price of the product is very reasonable.

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Vornnex Practice Butterfly Knife

Blade Size: 4″
Blade Steel: 440 stainless steel

If you aren’t ready to handle a sharpened blade at the moment, you may be better off learning with a practice butterfly knife. This butterfly knife from Vornnex comes with an unsharpened edge which makes it one of the best practice butterfly knives on the market. Vornnex claimed they had calculated the perfect weight balance of this trainer butterfly knife.

The blade used in this butterfly knife is made of 404 stainless steel with enhanced screws to increase the durability of the knife. The weight of the blade is 6oz and has a length of 4”. They ensured that the knife has a perfect center of mass to flip it smoothly and easily. In a nutshell, this is a great butterfly knife if you are practicing before learning to handle the sharpened one.

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Icetek Sports 44477 Metal Practice Balisong Knife

Blade Size: 3.74″
Blade Steel: metal steel 55HRc

Best butterfly knife trainer: Made of metal, this practice balisong knife from Icetek Sports is for training purpose only. It comes with an unsharpened edge blade which won’t harm you while you learn. Like most of the knives from Icetek, this one also comes with high-durability which feels safe on your hand.

Though most manufacturers use plastic or wood in the handle, Icetek took a different approach with it, and used steel to made the handle. Due to the metal handle, it feels safe in your hand. The metal hand has a sky blue color. You can practice all day long with this trainer balisong knife.

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Butterfly Knife Training Practice Comb Unsharpened Blade

Closed Size: 5″
Construction: Solid pin channel

Made by Moon Boat, this butterfly knife offers an aesthetic value to the knife collectors. Its unique solid pin channel construction along with the anti-impact feature makes it a must for collectors. The knife has a length of approximately 8.75″ when open. When closed, the length of the knife is 5″ only.

The handle of the knife has a skeletonized design, or you can say holes to reduce the weight of it. If you are new into the whole flipping thing, you better start with a practice flipping knife like this one. Even though it is cheap, the butterfly knife has a high-quality. If you are running low on budget, this is one of the best butterfly knives for you.

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7. Htomt Butterfly knife

Made of stainless steel, this knife features an unsharpened blade. HTOMT used a 440C stainless steel material which offers very high hardness with abrasive resistance. This is a great butterfly knife to use before you start learning about the balisong knives with sharp blades.

The overall length of the knife is 9″, and the folding length is 5.3″. HTOMT provided a strong handle which offers great balance holes to handle it properly. These holes can give strong feeling to the hand of the user. It also comes with a free screwdriver to adjust the tightness of the knife handle if you want. In a nutshell, if you love colorful things, this is one of the best balisong knives for you.

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How to Choose the Best Butterfly Knife?

Glad you asked. I am going to help you with a short but sweet how-to section of choosing the right butterfly knife. To help you make a better purchase decision, I am going to share some factors which will determine if you need a butterfly knife or not.

  1. Sharpened Vs. Unsharpened

Balisong or butterfly knives are mainly found in two types: sharpened or unsharpened. It’s the blade which is sharpened. However, a lot of balisong knives come with unsharpened blades. A lot of people tries to get a butterfly knife to flip on the spare time. If the knife’s blade is sharpened, it might cause trouble. Flipping a butterfly knife isn’t that easy. You will need a good amount of time to understand how to flip properly. You will drop it or you may flip it in wrong places. If the blade is sharpened, this might cause severe damage to your body or objects around it. This is why it is wise to start with a practice butterfly knife. This is where the unsharpened blades come to the party. Get acquainted flipping with an unsharpened blade, and you may later grab another butterfly knife.

  1. Blade Material

Blade material plays a significant role in determining the durability of the blade. If you are buying a butterfly knife with a metal steel, it will surely have a better durability. There are different types of metal steel available on the market. Try to choose a butterfly knife with stainless steel blade. One of the most popular is the 440c stainless steel. There are other remarkable materials like the D2 tool steel 60-62HRC,  55HRC metal steel, etc. I have mentioned almost all types of popular material’s blade in this post.

  1. Blade Size

Blade size plays another critical role while choosing the best butterfly knife. To be honest, this might seem to be pretty easy for most people, but a lot of people struggles over the length of a knife. Some wonder whether they should get a bigger blade or a smaller one. It actually depends on you. Most of the butterfly knives blade comes with the same size. However, storing a bigger knife can be trouble. Also, it can be painful to flip too. The choice is yours!

  1. Handle

One of the most overlooked thing about choosing a butterfly knife is its handle. You will be holding the handle when using a butterfly knife. This is why the design and material of the handle are important. The handle of the knife needs to be

  1. Construction

Do you want a butterfly knife with a pin construction or with a hex screw construction? Both styles are available at lower prices. Both of them has their own benefits. For example, the hex screws butterfly knives allow you to set your desired tightness. You can use the screws to adjust the tightness of the knife. However, it will start to lose after some days. In that case, you will have to tight it time to time. On the other hand, pin construction butterfly knives are fixed. You don’t have to worry about loosening, but you won’t be allowed to adjust the tightness.

These are some of the important factors which you need to check when buying a butterfly knife. I hope to add more awesome butterfly knives son the list. Stay tuned.


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