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Top Best Air Hockey Table 2023 – Air Hockey Table Reviews

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Are you on the hunt for the finest air hockey tables on the market? Air hockey, a cherished arcade game, has captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts across generations. Known for its fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action, air hockey provides the perfect opportunity for people to bond with friends and family, creating unforgettable memories filled with laughter and friendly competition.

This exhilarating game has long been a staple of malls, sports halls, and entertainment centers. But now, the dream of owning your very own air hockey table has become a reality, transforming ordinary homes into havens of fun and excitement. Imagine the convenience of hosting lively gatherings or enjoying impromptu air hockey sessions right in the comfort of your own home!

In today’s article, we’ll be delving into the world of air hockey tables, exploring the top options available to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. We’ll cover everything from sleek designs and advanced features to durable construction and smooth playing surfaces. By examining the pros and cons of various models, we’ll help you navigate the wide array of choices and find the perfect table to suit your needs, budget, and personal preferences.

As passionate air hockey table enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of selecting a table that offers the perfect blend of performance, quality, and aesthetics. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking a professional-grade table to hone your skills or a casual gamer looking to inject some extra fun into your living space, our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision and bring home the best air hockey table for endless hours of enjoyment.

Stay tuned as we unveil our top picks, share expert advice, and provide valuable insights to help you make the most of your air hockey adventure. Happy gaming!


Best Air Hockey Table 2023

Atomic Blazer 7' Hockey TableAtomic4.7
Playcraft - Center Ice 7'Playcraft4.4
Playcraft Sport 40-InchPlaycraft4.5
Sport Squad HX40Sport Squad4.4
Rally and Roar TableRally and Roar4.7Buy Button
NHL 80-Inch Hover Hockey EastPoint Sports4.7
American Heritage 390074 MonarchAmerican
Lancaster 48" 3 in 1 TableLancaster Gaming Company4.5Buy Button
Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table 5 FeetHathaway4.4
Harvil 5 Foot KidHarvil4.4Buy Button

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table:

The ESPN electric air hockey and table tennis converter is a versatile and high-quality 2-in-1 gaming table, perfect for endless entertainment in homes, bachelor pads, and bars. With a flawless, glossy finish and powerful fans, the table ensures smooth and uninterrupted play, further enhanced by LED scoring, integrated sound effects, and push button controls. The table easily converts into a ping pong table with a 1/2″ thick PVC-finished playfield for optimal bounce. This all-inclusive multi-game set comes with everything you need, including leg levelers, pushers, pucks, balls, posts, a net, and paddles.

Notable Features:

  1. 2-in-1 Design: The combination of air hockey and table tennis provides diverse entertainment options for players of all skill levels.
  2. High-Quality Construction: A flawless, glossy finish and powerful fans ensure a smooth and uninterrupted playing experience.
  3. Sophisticated LED Scoring System: Keep track of scores easily with the built-in LED display.
  4. Integrated Sound Effects: Enhance the intensity and excitement of the game with built-in sound effects.
  5. Easy Conversion: Quickly switch between air hockey and ping pong modes in a matter of seconds.
  6. Table Tennis Playfield: The 1/2″ thick PVC-finished playfield offers optimal bounce and a smooth surface for table tennis.
  7. 4” Leg Levelers: Ensure a stable playing surface with adjustable leg levelers.
  8. Complete Accessory Kit: The set includes all necessary equipment for both games, such as pushers, pucks, balls, posts, a net, and paddles.

Rally and Roar Air Hockey Table Top

Are you looking for a lightweight tabletop air hockey table? Rally and Roar’s tabletop air hockey table is one of the finest ai hockey tables you can get for a low price. It is super easy to set up within fifteen minutes, and you can start playing without any hassle. All you have to do is attach the padded legs and goal box to start playing. This electrically powered air hockey table comes with two scoreboard options, two mini pucks, and two mini pushers.

It features CUL-certifies AC-12V motor for optimal airflow with pluck fluidity. All you need is a socket, and you can plug in your table hockey unit with blowers to start playing. On top of that, the table comes with premium construction, using dense fiberwood with optimal dual airflow for sleek playing conditions. The legs are strong, durable, and foam-protected to avoid any scratches on the surface. This sleek-looking compact tabletop air hockey table can be fun at parties or just home.

Best Air Hockey Table for The Money

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Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

Finding a sleek air hockey table is somewhat challenging, and this is where the Brunswick comes. Brunswick’s 7 feet long air hockey table is one of the finest products you can find on the market, and its contemporary design makes it easier to decorate the game room. The aesthetic appeal it creates with the sleek design will surely be a big plus for a lot of users. The approximate dimension of the table is 83.75x 41.75 x 30 inches. You will be surprised to know that this air hockey table weighs only 149 pounds.

Brunswick uses strong UL blower which keeps every game exiting in motion. You won’t find any dead spot in this table. A lot of people complains about the level of the board, but fortunately, this is not the case with this table. A sturdy pedestal base supports the game table, and it keeps the entire table level. Each side of the table has an abacus scorer. Brunswick provides 2 mallets with 4 pucks. The price of this air hockey table may seem expensive at first sight, but the incredible craftsmanship and the quality of the materials prove it’s worth.

overall, the best air hockey table in the market.

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Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

It’s always hard to find an air hockey table for kids. Most of the air hockey tables on the market have a height that doesn’t let the kids play with ease. Harvil’s 5-foot air hockey table is a great addition to the game room for the kids. However, both the kids and adults can enjoy getting some fun playing air hockey. Harvil introduced an improved electronic score to make sure you get to check the score at any time you want. As you can see the picture, the table comes with vibrant graphics which makes it fun to play the game. The dimension of the table is 60L X 26W X 31H inches, making it easier to store very easily.

This air hockey table stands on thick and L-shaped legs with leg levelers. Even though it has a compact design, the playfield is spacious, and you don’t have to compromise the fun. The electric scoreboard is in the middle of the board and uses 2 AAA batteries to run (batteries are not included). This electronic air hockey table offers powerful and even airflow with a steady stream of air to ensure smooth gameplay. It contains two orange pucks with two orange paddles so let you play with your friends right after you set up the table.

Best Air Hockey Table for Kids

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Atomic Blazer 7’ Hockey Table

Nothing is better than playing air hockey with your family. This is an advanced and electronic air hockey table which is fantastic for family time. Despite the fact that, it comes with amazing features, it has a very low weight. It comes with electronic score keeping and rail-integrated display. For fast play, it even has heavy-duty 120V blower.

Atomic Blazer 7' Hockey Table
Our top pick: Atomic Blazer 7’ Hockey Table

The overhang rails are used to reduce the puck bounce. The players can use the leg levelers to ensure the even playing surface. You can transform it into a table tennis table by a table tennis conversion top. As a result, this can be transformed into a multi-tasking table. It comes with 4black strikers and 4 black pucks.

This table from atomic is made of high-quality raw materials to provide the best performance. In my opinion, this is the perfect air hockey table for your home and office. No matter whether casual or advanced playing, this air hockey table will bring a lot of joy and excitement.


Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

This full-size air hockey table is popular for its advanced features. It comes with some fantastic features like sleek triangular electronic score, smooth & plain surface. The electronic score is loved by many as it makes it super easy to keep the scores.

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

The LED scorer shows score with time and keeps the game more exciting. This table also comes with dual end rail puck return, and deep inner rails. Besides these the quality of this air hockey table is excellent. Don’t make your friends and family members kill time on the smartphone, rather make them move to the game room and play air hockey.

The sleek and premium design make it easy to assemble and store. This air hockey table has an amazing design to put into the home or office space. Put the mobile on the table and start playing air hockey table.


Air Hockey Table For Kids: Playcraft Sports 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

air hockey table for children

Playcraft sports in one of the finest air hockey table you can get for your kids. If you are looking for an air hockey table for your kids, then this is a perfect option for them. It’s cheap, durable and has good performance. It comes with a 40-inch size. The ABS puck catcher is there for quick puck return. It is small to store and big enough for the kids to have fun. This small air hockey table is very portable and easy to store. If you don’t want to take the hassle of storing the air hockey table, then this is an excellent option.

Playcraft used sturdy MDF hardwood frame which sits on any table type. It is UL-approved and has 100 cfm air-powered motor. The ABS puck catcher will allow quick puck return. It comes with 2 strikers and 2 pucks. The dimension of the table is 40W x 8H x 20D. By considering the price and the features, it is a great table top air hockey table to have in your house.


American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Hockey Table

American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Hockey Table

This is a premium air hockey table which is determined to increase the beauty of your place. No matter whether for office or home, this elegant air hockey table is fantastic regarding beauty and performance. If you are buying air hockey table for your office or the game room, you may want a gorgeous and premium look which this air hockey table offers gently.

This premium looking air hockey table comes with a powerful blower along with electronic scoring. The table itself is made of a cherry finished cabinet with silver trim. This is a tournament-grade table top air hockey table for any game room. This air hockey table has a sleek design which can be fitted perfectly in a medium-sized room. It has a length of only seven ft.

Made of premium raw materials, this air hockey table is a fantastic option if you don’t have any budget problem. If you want a beautiful air hockey table for playing along with beauty, then this is the best air hockey table for you.



Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for the best table top air hockey table, then look nowhere and buy this. This is one of the cheapest air hockey tables you will find on the market. Even though it comes with a very low price tag, but it offers excellent performance.

This air hockey table comes with tabletop design which allows the users to move it easily. The portability of this air hockey table is high, and you can easily store in your house or closet. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The high-output fan offers a smooth surface for fast action. You will be given two pucks and two pushers with the package. It doesn’t come with electronic scorers, but manual scorers. In a nutshell, this is the best cheap air hockey table for the money.


What is an air hockey table?

Air hockey is a fun arcade game which uses a puck and smooth tabletop. The surface of an air hockey table is very smooth and has low-friction. The table is designed in such a way that the puck and mallets won’t leave the table by jumping.

If you have or planning to have a game room in your home, bar or club, you may want to get an air hockey table. You with your guests or friends can play the air hockey and spend a very good time. Air Hockey is a fun game which is suitable for people of all ages. No matter whether for home recreational or the club, an air hockey table is enjoyable.

Before buying an air table, you better know the specs as not all air hockey tables are same. Some come with different specs like there are some air hockey tables which offers multiplayer and different spec. Thus, it is better to know which one suits your need and buy that air hockey table.

Different types of air hockey tables

There are several types of air hockey tables available in the market. From fancy electronic arcade-style tables to basic recreational model or portable versions, all of them are fun.

Arcade-Style Air Hockey Tables

This is the most expensive, sturdy and top quality air hockey tables in the market. These air hockey tables feature a powerful blower motor, electronic scoring, sound effects, and music. If money is not a problem, then these are the best air hockey tables you should get.

This air hockey table comes with commercial blowing motor, strong rink walls, plain surface, high-quality mallet, and puck. These will provide better performance, better deflection, and smooth play. If you want the best types of air hockey table, then you should go for this. These tables are excellent concerning performance, durability, and design. Note that; arcade style air hockey tables are not used for professional games.

Tabletop Air Hockey tables

These air hockey tables come with low space and space saving design. You can fit these tabletop air hockey tables on the top of your dining table. Right after finishing the game, you can store the tabletop air hockey in the closet. These are highly portable and can be moved very easily. These are perfect for a middle or tiny sized game room. These air hockey tables are perfect for using on table tops or in places like the kitchen, dining room, living room. In a nutshell, these are small & cheap air hockey tables are for the money. If you are planning to buy air hockey tables for children, then these are the best air hockey table for you.

Miniature Air Hockey Tables

As the name suggests, these air hockey tables are very small in size and primarily used by the children. These are inexpensive and easy to store in the closet.

Full Sized Arcade tables

As the name suggests, these are the full-sized air hockey table that is found in sports complexes. These are hard to move, but they offer great performance.

Multi-Game Air Hockey Tables

If you want all in one sports table, then a multi-game tables might come very handy. These tables are suitable for several types of games to be played in a single table. You may be able to play foosball, shuffleboard, table tennis, bowling, mini snooker and air hockey itself. These tables are popular if you want a diverse sports experience from a single unit.

How To Purchase the Best air hockey table?

There are several factors to choose the perfect air hockey table for you. There are different tables which will suit different skill levels. While purchasing an air hockey table, you need to understand the need of it first. If you are planning for a random game, then you may choose a cheap one. However, if you are planning to play air hockey frequently, it’s better to get a top air hockey table.

Based on Skill

  • Beginner/ Amateur: If you are purchasing an air hockey table for an amateur, you better purchase on under $100. The same thing goes with the children; it’s better to purchase a cheap air hockey table for kids. If the users feel that they need better air hockey table, then you can upgrade it to a more professional one.
  • Semi-pro: An air hockey table designed for a sem-pro will have better performance, bigger size, and better construction. Usually, these air hockey are in 7 feet in length. Some may be longer, but 7 feet is perfect. However, these air hockey tables will cost you more money than the beginner level. The surface of this air hockey table will be better than the beginner level tables. These are widely used in the homes as they provide good performances and has a reasonable price.
  • Advanced: An advanced player will seek a better, smooth surface, professional sized, arcade style air hockey table. Usually, an advanced air hockey table will have a bigger size. These air hockey tables will come with a smooth surface, better& thick rink walls for accurate deflection. These are costly but offers precise gameplay.

Based On Specifications

  • Size: Not all air hockey tables are same in size. For use at home, you should get a 7-feet air hockey table. For kids and space saving, you should get a smaller sized air hockey tables. If you have a dedicated space or have a game room, you can get an advanced or big sized air hockey table.
  • Design: Design may not be a great issue if you are buying it for your home. However, it is an issue if you are buying an air hockey table for your business or office.
  • Price: Price plays another important role in buying an air hockey table. A cheap air hockey table will have long durability and size. For better durability and performance, it is suggested to get a better air hockey table with a bigger size.

Why should you have an air hockey table?

As we have mentioned before, air hockey tables are fun and easy to store. You can spend a lot of time with your family and friends in the game room with air hockey table. Get the feel of arcades and make the time memorable. Even if you are planning to make your office more enjoyable, you better get an air hockey table soon. Thus, your employees can have some fun while working.

I guess our air hockey tables review comes very handy to you. One important thing is that you need to take proper care of your table. Otherwise, no matter how glossy the looks is, it is not going to last forever.


In this modern society, it is necessary to have fun and chitchat with our family. Having an air hockey table in the game room or the home will make it easy for you and your family to have fun. We highly recommend you to buy one as soon as possible and make the best out of it. Don’t waste your time spending on the mobile screen, but in the game room with an air hockey table. If you are not willing to shell out a lot of money, we highly suggest you get the rally and roar tabletop air hockey table.

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